Supply Chain

The Supplier Sustainability Management Handbook aims to help suppliers to establish and maintain a safe, healthy, and compliant employment relationship and production environment, and comply with the “Code of Conduct for Suppliers of ANTA Sports”. This Handbook applies to all suppliers and their subcontractors relating to production, processing, storage, and distribution of brand products under ANTA Sports.

The Supplier Sustainability Management Handbook

Employment Management

Employees are the cornerstone of the enterprise’s long-term development, and we regard talent as the most valuable aspect of our core competitiveness. We respect the fundamental rights and interests of our employees, and strive to create an equal, inclusive, healthy and safe working environment. We stand committed to building a training system for diversified talent development, attach importance to employee growth, and we strive to create a better future with them.

Labor Policy

Chemical Management Manual

Chemicals used in production play an important role in the business of ANTA Sports. At the same time, we acknowledge that chemicals must be managed properly to maximise their value and minimise risks to the environment and human health and safety. To achieve this goal, we have developed ANTA Sports Chemicals Management Manual to communicate our chemicals management strategy.

Chemical Management Manual

The list of suppliers

To build a sustainable and responsible supply chain management and sustainable procurement system, we continue to promote standardization and regulation of the supply chain, strengthen the management process of raw material procurement, and strive to create a cooperative model based on compliance, fairness, justice, and integrity, working hand in hand with our partners to achieve mutual success. According to best practices among industry and requirements from external rating agencies, we will gradually disclose the list of suppliers and their basic information.

The list of suppliers

Corporate Governance
  • This Policy aims to set parameters for the Group’s Non-Audit Services engagements consistent with applicable laws, regulations and the Company’s corporate governance principles.
  • This Policy aims to maintaining fair and competitive remuneration packages of the Directors and senior management based on the business needs of the Group and industry practice. The Company shall review the current remuneration policy and structure of the Directors and senior management on an annual basis.
  • This Policy ensures the Board has a balance of skills, experience and diversity of perspective relevant to the Group’s business. The Nomination Committee shall nominate suitable candidates to the Board and may nominate such number of candidates as it considers appropriate. The ultimate responsibility for selection, recommendation and appointment of Directors shall rest with the entire Board. The Board shall have the final decision on all matters relating to its recommendation of candidates to stand for election as Directors at any general meeting.
  • This Policy outlines the approach to achieve diversity on the Board. The Company recognises and embraces the benefits of having a diversed Board to broaden its view and enhance the quality of its performance. All Board appointments shall be based on meritocracy, and candidates shall be considered against objective criteria, having due regard for the benefits of diversity on the Board.
  • This Policy provides an outline of the Group’s whistleblowing system. The Company is committed to achieving and maintaining the high probity standards and ethical business practices and encouraging reporting of concerns of actual or suspected misconduct or malpractice by any employees and/or external parties in any matters related to the Group.
  • Integrity is one of the Group’s core values. It comprises honesty, fairness, impartiality and ethical business practices. This Policy aims to complement all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations in the region that we operate, and to promote an anti-corruption culture within the Group.
  • The Policy sets out the communication framework and channels available to the Shareholders and other stakeholders of the Company with the objective of ensuring that the Shareholders and the investment community at large, are provided with ready, equal and timely access to balanced and understandable information about the Company (including its financial performance, strategic goals and business plans, material business developments and corporate governance).
  • This Policy aims to enable the Shareholders to share the Company’s profit and allow the Company to retain adequate reserves for future growth. Through a sustainable dividend policy, the Board endeavors to strike a balance between meeting Shareholders’ expectations and maintaining prudent capital management. Under this Policy, if the Group records positive net profits and subject to maintenance of the Group’s normal operations, the Company may declare and pay dividends to the Shareholders.
  • This Policy is established in accordance with Part XIVA of the SFO, the Listing Rules, the Guidelines on Disclosure of Inside Information and other relevant laws and regulations and based on the actual situation of the Company, in order to strengthen the management of the Company’s information disclosure and ensure an orderly market as well as the truthfulness, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of information disclosure of the Company, to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Company, its Shareholders, creditors and other stakeholders.