ANTA and Sustainability


Dear Stakeholders,

There is only one Earth. Human beings rely on the Earth’s natural resources to survive and grow, while their activities and actions bring an impact to the Earth at the same time. For decades, experts have been warning us about the consequences of climate change. Although we have paid more attention on “how to achieve harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature”, the measures taken seems insufficient. As a leading corporation, ANTA Sports must do our utmost to fulfill our responsibilities on the global GHG emissions mitigation.

ANTA Sports has been paying close attention to the risks brought by climate change. In terms of risk management measures, we are dedicated in formulating strategies and implementing policies based on analysis of real-life situation. We believe that as long as we manage the difficult situations we are facing, we will turn risks into opportunities and continue to thrive.

In 2019, we focused on the performance and impact on the environment, society and governance. In this report, we illustrated all kinds of policies and measures related to sustainable development in a comprehensive manner. In addition, we disclosed relevant data including GHG emissions, resource usage, staff training and charity events. This report will serve as a platform for stakeholders to monitor and review our performance. We conducted the first online survey with responses from over 60 major stakeholders, aiming to collect their feedback on our policies and the measures more effectively, so as to improve and adjust our business policies and directions. Moreover, this is our 5th ESG report and we have presented the 5-years GHG emission summary to provide stakeholders a better understanding and easier comparison of our past performance. Although our revenue for the year grew by 40.8% to RMB33.93 billion and the total amount of GHG emissions has also been increasing along with our business development, the changes of our total GHG emission and carbon intensity (based on the income of RMB per million) are within an acceptable level. These data clearly demonstrated that we did not relax on GHG emissions for the rapid business expansion. Instead, we have strengthened the overall approach and management to limit unnecessary GHG emissions.

Furthermore, in July, we became the first Chinese sportswear company to join the BCI, sourcing high quality and sustainable cotton as raw material. On the other hand, our R&D expenses was closed to RMB800 million, and initiated the use of discarded plastic bottles as raw materials thus launching an eco-friendly sportswear product series “Training with Plastic”. We hope to fulfill the responsibility of a corporate citizen by spreading the environmentally-friendly message to the public.

Now is the most critical time. Our current policies and measures are not perfect, every bean has its black, to respond quickly to climate change, wel will continue to improve constantly with a strong determination. We will act with the interests of all stakeholders in mind, in particular, join hands with both upstream and downstream partners to develop environmentally friendly systems for the industry. To demonstrate our courage and commitment to the world, we will continue to prioritize on the long-term development of our business, and to focus the overall sustainable development potential. Hence, we will be able to mitigate the risks of climate change, as well as risks for other social and governance issues.

Ding Shizhong
The Chairman and CEO