In 2021, we implemented different projects and policies, to bring positive changes to the society through the influence and resources of the brand.


We donated RMB 65 million in cash to various charities and donated sportswear worth over RMB 270 million (calculated at tag value).

The sports outfit donation ceremony held together by China Youth Development Foundation and ANTA Sports
Kick Start the “Fun Game” Sports Day
Visit to poor student families in the Gongga Mountain, Sichuan

Supporting the Olympic Games

ANTA has been a partner of the COC for 16 consecutive years, and has sponsored 22 Chinese national teams with professional sports outfit, including winter sports, boxing, taekwondo, gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling,swimming, trampoline, etc. The strategic partnership demonstrated our efforts to proactively promote the Olympic and National spirit over the years. ANTA unveiled the “Champion Dragon Outfit”, for the CSD for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Summer Games. This was a combination of Chinese traditional culture, beauty and advanced technology, supporting Chinese Olympic athletes for the celebration on the victory podium.

Athletes’ Social Interaction

As role-models for the general public, athletes are dedicated to establishing a positive image for young people. ANTA is committed to bringing the athletes closer to the general public and strengthening the positive interaction.

During the financial year, China’s first figure skating world champion, Chen Lu, participated in the “Winter Olympics with Me” Sturdy Growth Sports Camp. Under the professional guidance of Miss Chen, the children were able to freely experience the fun of ice and snow, and learn how to build resilience and develop a strong physique.

Supporting Integration of Sports and Education

Physical education is a subject in the national curriculum. It enables students to master the basic knowledge and skills of physical education, while achieving moral education, which plays a vital role in improving the level of physical fitness of Chinese citizens. We have actively responded to the advocacy of the General Administration of Sport of China and the Ministry of Education for the integration of sports and education and are committed to the development of youth sports education.

During the financial year, we organizedthe “ANTA Sturdy Growth Charity Project” in our home city – Jinjiang, Fujian, and launched “ANTA Physical Education Lessons” with our partners, which integrated the physical and mental development, growth characteristics and needs of young people to cultivate their all-around sports development. 47 students participated in the lessons, and 33 physical education teachers and ANTA volunteers received physical education teacher professional training in “ANTA Physical Education Lessons”. The training of frontline physical education teachers enhanced the professional physical education level and unleashed the teachers’ passion, thereby improving physical education quality and promoting the healthy all-around growth of young people.

Volunteer Service

As a leading enterprise in China’s sports industry, we proactively participate in community welfare and volunteer services. During the financial year, our “Volunteer Association Service Base” was officially unveiled in Shanghai, and the “ANTA Ski Camp” was launched. Ten Dream Camp volunteers served the children at the event. Our volunteers and professional teachers told the children about the origin and development of skiing, laying the foundation of professional knowledge for their skiing dreams.