During 2019, we implemented different projects and policies that focus on four areas, namely government and industry, children and youth, athletes, and local communities. We hope to bring positive changes to the society through the influence and resources of the brand.


We donated to different charity organizations and charity events such as the Jinjiang Charity Federation, the Bethune Charitable Foundation and the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project”, involving cash donation of over RMB36 million and sports equipment that reaches over RMB100 million in retail price.

After almost three years, we have donated cash and sportswear equipment with retail price over RMB174 million through the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project”. The donation supported over 2,286 schools in impoverished areas and over 770,000 of youth are benefited, in which they were given the chance to enjoy the joy brought by sports.

The sports outfit donation ceremony held together by China Youth Development Foundation and ANTA Sports
Kick Start the “Fun Game” Sports Day
Visit to poor student families in the Gongga Mountain, Sichuan
Government and Industry
Offer suggestions to the government regarding the promotion of the industry and education:

I presented to the 13th National People’s Congress during the year the “Proposal on Continuously Strengthening the Cultivation of Endogenous Growth Momentum in Winter Sporting Goods Industry” and “Proposal on Accelerating the Establishment of Youth Sports Relevant Standards and Assisting Youth in Health Growth”. Through the experience and understanding of the Group in the industry, I hope to provide effective solutions to the problems that the Chinese Sports industry is facing.

The Chairman and CEO, Ding Shizhong

“Proposal on Continuously Strengthening the Cultivation of Endogenous Growth Momentum in Winter Sporting Goods Industry”

There is a stable growth in our country’s population of winter sports participation. The development of the winter sports industry has entered a crucial period of strategic opportunities, and there are four main issues:

  • Winter sports industry-related consumption is still at a low level;
  • The popularization of winter sports is limited to geographical conditions, and winter sports venue provided to the public is insufficient in general;
  • Winter sports training program targeting the youth is yet to improve; and
  • There are few owned winter sports brands, which suggests low competitiveness.

Therefore, in order to solve the aforementioned problems, we are taking the increasing growth of domestic demand as the top priority. Through expanding the population of winter sports participation, we hope to achieve the goal of stimulating relevant consumption and provide a foundation for the sustainable development of the winter sports industry. Other suggestions are listed below:

  • Actively organize promotional events for the Winter Olympics and winter culture, increase the supply of winter sports content;
  • Increase the construction of winter sports venue and city landmarks;
  • Establish special guidance fund for winter sports;
  • Continue to promote winter sports among youth, create a government led, corporates supported and society participated joint development atmosphere;
  • Establish owned winter sports brand; and
  • Expedite the establishment of winter sporting competition system that includes professional league and youth league.

“Proposal on Accelerating the Establishment of Youth Sports Relevant Standards and Assisting Youth in Health Growth”

In the proposal, Mr. Ding pointed out that the establishment of overall youth sports standard is relatively lagging, the development of youth sports brand is relatively slow, which is unfavorable to youth participation in sports or learning sports. There could impose potential risks to their physical and mental health, including:

  • There is a lack of youth sports training standard in the society nowadays, which creates difficulties in evaluating the quality of training and it is unfavorable to the healthy development of the sports training industry;
  • The degree of implementing the standard and innovative development of sports facilities for the youth is unsatisfactory and there are potential safety risks;
  • The R&D of youth sportswear products standard needs to be upgraded in order to improve the overall competitiveness of the industry; and
  • An effective and standardized leveling of youth sports organizations has not been developed which leads to widely differed quality of events or competitions, posing potential safety risks and social problems.

Therefore, we believe the mid-to-longterm development plan of standardizing youth sports has to be established. We want to encourage and fully support the practitioners of youth sports to actively participate in the standardization process.

As a leading member of the industry, we are responsible for making recommendations that are beneficial to the development of the industry to the government and provide feasible proposals based on the actual situation. In conjunction with the Winter Olympics that the country is going to host in 2022, we focus on the development of winter sports in Mainland China in 2019, to expedite the social knowledge and understanding to the sports and provide them with more opportunities to experience so that they can enjoy the joy brought by winter sports.

Moreover, physical literacy education of the youth has always been our focus on development. We would like to communicate directly with the government in order to establish a more suitable and attractive educational and promotional project for the youth, so that the youth in China will have a better understanding of winter sports, to arouse their interest. As for the lack of resources in impoverished areas, we hope to work on the platform, teachers, equipment and education to promote the local development of physical education and allow all youth to experience the fun in sports.

Take the Lead – “Happy Snow” on Campus

As the official partner of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the first “Sturdy Growth Charity Project – Winter Olympics promotion and education base” was launched in the Second Primary School of Zhangjiakou Economic Development Zone in Hebei Province. It aims to promote winter sports in Zhangjiajie and cultivate young people’s knowledge and interest in winter sports taking schools at a starting point. We hope to achieve the goal of “300 million winter sports participation” through active promotion. We believe that by continuously developing the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project”, we will be able to create better sports condition for Chinese youth and further develop the youth participation in winter sports.

Children and Young People
“Sturdy Growth Charity Project”

In the past three years, we have established the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project” with the China Youth Development Foundation and the ADream Foundation. We started with three big projects on equipment donation, literacy education and sports education. We are investing over RMB500 million, which allows 10million young people from underdeveloped areas to grow and develop in a joyful way with the help of systematic sports and literacy education. The “Sturdy Growth Charity Project” focused on supporting both the physical and cognitive aspects with an aim to tackle poverty issue for young people in underdeveloped areas.

In 2019, the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project” mainly covered the impoverished regions. “Love never stops and enlightens the future” charity event was held in Huining, Gansu in June, our management personally attended the event. In July, our staff and their families visited the “ANTA ADream Center” in Qionglai, Sichuan and spent a brief but meaningful time in the summer camp with the children from Sichuan.

We always believe that we should not only be a donor but also be a highly involved participant and contributor. Therefore, we deem this project a continuous project instead of a one-off project. Through the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project”, we hope that 10 million rural children will be able to obtain comprehensive physical education and receive quality education resources, which will also enhance their sports spirits and allow them to thrive. We believe that charity projects are only sustainable by embedding the core values of the corporate into the projects.

Our charity work in the past three years, in the “Sturdy Growth Charity Project”, we have:

Local Community
ANTA ADream Camp Volunteer Association

At the end of 2017, we established the “ANTA ADream Camp Volunteer Association”. Six major branches will be established across the country, each branch will be given a certain amount of funds to subsidize their charity events every year. The purpose of the Association was to encourage employees to actively participate in charity events, so that they will be more involved in all kinds of social activities and contribute to social development. The association has a total of six sub-associations in the country and the Group allocates an independent charitable activity budget every year. At the same time, we also give a five-hour charity holiday to each participating staff every year, aiming to increase the employees’ motivation in supporting charity events. in 2019, associations in different regions held various kinds of activities on the “ANTA Charity Day”:

  • Xiamen
    Collaborated with an autism rehabilitation center and held a charity sale to raise funds for children with mental disabilities in doing rehabilitation training.
  • Beijing
    Joined the support center, held seminars for parents and staff at the organization, and provided training for children with autism.
  • Shanghai
    Organized clothing donation and delivered the collected clothing to the villagers and students in Nanning, Guangxi.
  • Jinjiang
    Organized hiking event and cleaned up along the hike.
Opening of the first “ANTA Gobi Club ADream Center”

“ANTA Gobi Club ADream Center” is the organization established by the Gobi expedition team. It aims to encourage members of the “Gobi Club” to pay attention to the area of environmental protection in the Northwest of China and the education quality of the local children during their Gobi expedition.

In “ANTA Gobi Club ADream Center”, we donated sportswear products and books to children, supporting their development of knowledge and a healthy body. Local children can also participate in literacy programs that are in different themes. For example, there are sports programs and cultivation programs on environmental protection awareness, so that children with relatively fewer resources will be able to gain knowledge in different areas, nurture their love in sports and grow healthily.

Change and Support in the Pandemic
A new model of retail during the Pandemic

In 2020, as affected by the Pandemic and required by anti-pandemic measures, we have shifted our focus of sales to online e-commerce channels. With the effort of our staff, we increased the investment of online sales in general. On the other hand, we invited brand endorser and contracted athletes to film short clips of indoor sports, in order to encourage people to exercise at home, stay healthy while combating the Pandemic.

We believe that when the Pandemic is over, the public would be more active in pursuing a healthy lifestyle, the consumer demand would also be higher than in the past. Therefore, we hope to further promote a lifestyle of healthy living and We hope to provide as much help as possible to the frontline medical staff and affected individuals, ensuring that they can cope with the difficult situation with sufficient resources. At the same time, we would like to express gratitude for the medical staff’s dedication and sacrifice to society. sustainable development to prepare for consumer demand after the Pandemic.

As a corporate capable of allocating resources flexibly, we responded actively at the critical moment of the Pandemic. We rapidly responded and allocated the resources available. We provided substantial material assistance and cash donation to relevant organizations and individuals: