ANTA and Sustainability

Process of key issues identification

Step 1+
Collect information and identify issues

The task force and the third-party professional organization considered the Group’s current operating condition and identify key issues by referencing the HKEx Listing Rule Appendix 27 “ESG Reporting Guide”, the GRI guidelines, the 17 SDGs, industry news and suggestions from the consultancy firm

Define major stakeholders and identify sustainability issues

 7major stakeholders

Major stakeholders include: The Group’s employees, investors, suppliers, distributors, consumers, media and non-profit organizations, etc

Step 2+
Issue analysis and order arrangement

After identifying the key issues, we tailored and distributed survey to the stakeholders, then we invited them to rate and shared their feedback on various issues using our online survey, which formed the basis for the order arrangement of key issues

Investigate in the level of interest

Over60online questionnaires were distributed

Step 3+
Formulate materiality matrix

Based on the organized key topics and relevant rating, we created the materiality matrix to provide the foundation of disclosure for this report

Formulate materiality matrix


Identified 21Key issues

Top8Key issues

After the collection and analysis of feedback, we have identified the following topics as the Group’s key issues:

  • - Health and Safety
  • - Employee Benefits
  • - Child Labor and Forced Labor
  • - Human Rights
  • - Anti-corruption
  • - Employee Development and Training
  • - Supply Chain Management

After collecting feedback by the survey, the third-party professional organization have assisted us to create the following materiality matrix based on the overall rating:

The 3 key issues which were concerned by each stakeholder group: