At Anta, we understand that importance of sustainable development and we value corporate social responsibilities. Therefore, we actively collaborate and communicate with different organizations to keep track of emerging trend and knowledge of the industry to build a healthier and greener textile ecosystem with our upstream and downstream partners, paving our way to sustainability.

In 2020, ANTA Group entered into global strategic partnership agreement with World Wide Fund for Nature (“WWF”) regarding China’s sports textiles industry. With the aid of global resources of the WWF, ANTA Sports will join hands with upstream and downstream partners in terms of Environment, Social and Governance (“ESG”) to drive industry transformation and development of water management and packaging so as to reduce pressure on resources and the environment. We will also work with our partners to develop and produce sportswear that meet the sustainable development requirement by advocating the concept of reuse and developing biodegradable raw materials to ultimately drive conservation of global biodiversity with consumers.

The promotion of sustainable development and the protection of biodiversity is crucial for the next generation. The efforts we make in the present will be for the benefit of the future. ANTA Group’s cooperation with the WWF showcases its responsibility and mission as a global corporate citizenship. We would lead the green revolution with the support of WWF in terms of professionals advise and global resources. In the future, we will join hands with our upstream and downstream partners to gradually achieve sustainable development targets, forging ahead with nature. We will uphold our long-term strategy to research sustainable development planning in the coming three to five years.   

Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports Products Limited

Following ANTA Sports and WWF’s collaboration to promote the “Earth Hour” in March 2020, this partnership is an important milestone that will further enhance the Company’s relationship with the organisation. Three major collaboration objectives have been set for this three-year partnership:

First, both parties will promote the textile factory assessment and improvement “FAIS” system in order to facilitate the green transformation of the textile industry. This includes:
  • Participating in and continuously improving the textile industry in terms of use of water resources and energy, waste emission and supply chain management;
  • Reducing energy consumption by 30% and water consumption by 22.5%;
  • Reducing total emissions of major water pollutants (COD, Ammonia and Nitrogen) by 15%, in order to ease the burden on the environment, water resources, climate and ecosystems by the industry.

Second, in terms of biodiversity protection, ANTA will support forest and landscape restoration projects. The first projects will be carried out in key areas of Xishuangbanna and Beijing. A 600-mu area will be restored and training will be provided to local farmers to improve their livelihood in a pilot program.

Third, we will educate consumers about endangered species through jointly developing and launching products with educational significance on biodiversity.

At the same time, ANTA will accelerate the green transformation of its own supply chain, including gradually replace PE plastic packaging by 100% recyclable LDPE environmentally friendly materials, and explore to reduce use of plastic packaging. In terms of paper packaging, we will gradually transform to use recyclable paper packaging or FSC certified paper products.