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Chairman's Statement

ANTA Sports has been paying close attention to the risks brought by climate change. In terms of risk management measures, we are dedicated in formulating strategies and implementing policies based on analysis of real-life situation. We believe that as long as we manage the difficult situations we are facing, we will turn risks into opportunities and continue to thrive.

Ding Shizhong
The Chairman and CEO



No poverty
  • Donated more than RMB 36 million in cash
  • Donated sports equipment with retail price more than RMB 100 million
Good health and well-being
  • Continued to promote ANTA’s “Sturdy Growth Charity Project” to help over 770,000 teenagers from 2,286 schools, allow them to enjoy the happiness brought by sports
  • Bolster the “Sports for All” culture
  • Arranged qualified recyclers to recycle hazardous waste to maintain nice living environment of the neighbourhood
Quality Education
  • Launched sports teacher training programmes to promote sports development in less developed regions
  • Promoted “ANTA Dream Sports Course”
Decent work and economic growth
  • Our revenue in 2019 grew 40.8% to RMB 33.93 billions
  • Equal employment of men and women, to achieve equal pay for equal work
    male: 38% female: 62%
  • Prohibition of child labor and forced labor
  • Provided a healthy working environment
Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • 1,200 design colleagues from 16 different countries
  • Strengthened the close cooperation with self-own factories and suppliers by improving the working efficiency to launch popular products
  • R&D expenses achieved RMB 789.2 million
Responsible consumption and production
  • Became the first Chinese sportswear company to join the Better Cotton Initiation (BCI). BCI purchases better cotton to promote supply chain innovation and work with upstream and downstream partners to create a healthier and greener textile ecosystem
  • Used discarded plastic bottles as raw materials to create recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“RPET”) fabrics for production of sportswear, and launched an eco-friendly series of sportswear product series “Training with Plastic”

Principle and Concept

The vision of ANTA Sports is to become a respectable world class multi-brand sportswear group. In order to achieve this goal, we must continue on enhancing the Group’s sustainable development. Favourable operating model, combined with the environmental, social and governance policies, has effectively reduced our operational risks, so that the Group continues to improve on its path of development and increase the corporate value in the long run.

Global climate change and the world’s political and economic situation are closely related, in which the risks should not be ignored. Corporations around the globe should prepare for the potential climate-related risks and ensure that they can be flexible in crisis. As long as we can find opportunities despite hardship, we can enjoy the success of sustainable development.

Our Sustainability website focuses on the environmental, social and governance performance of the Group’s major operating units in China. We cite data and information from our published ESG reports, archived documents, records, statistics and research.

As a leading multi-brand sportswear group in China, we are committed to contribute our effort to sustainable development of the world. We value all stakeholders, climate change and the problems that come along. We also strive to innovate and change, to incorporate actions into business operation and continue to work towards the 17 SDGs. We believe that the current involvement and contribution are not only helpful for paving the way for future development, but also build a better future for stakeholders.

No Poverty
Zero Hunger
Good Health and Well-Being
Quality Education
Clear Water and sanitation
and clean Energy
Decent Work and Economic Growth
Innovation and Infrastructure
Reduced inequality
Climate Action
Life below water
Life on land
Partnerships for the goals