Selection and procurement of environmentally friendly materials

We became a member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI in July in 2019, which made us the first sportswear company in China, which exhibited a well-managed supply chain and the practice of the idea of sustainable development.

Innovative and environmentally friendly product design

In terms of innovative and environmentally friendly products, we have launched environmentally friendly A-AWAKE ENERGY series “Train and Recycle”, which recycles plastics as raw material, for the first time. This series uses discarded plastic bottles as raw materials, which are turned into recycled polyethylene terephthalate (“RPET)” with the aid of environmental technology, making ANTA a Chinese sportswear brand that meets the RPET inspection standards. Our R&D team was able to surmount a number of technical obstacles with the support of supplier partners, producing sportswear made of RPET with functionalities on par with sportswear made with traditional materials, while meeting safety standards of eco-textile. Moreover, the overall cost is 30% to 50% lower comparing to international brands.

Making a piece of A-AWAKE ENERGY sportswear with the RPET fabric takes 11 discarded 550ml plastic bottles. in 2019, we have collected 7.7 million bottles and turned into RPET fabric, providing a new and successful solution for recycling plastic waste.

KOLON SPORT launched NOACH, an environmental protection project that aimed at protecting endangered animals and plants and improve the ecosystem. KOLON SPORT launched the NOACH series in 2019, using ramie fabric, also known as the “King of natural fiber”, which is soft, UV protective, hygroscopic, moist wicking and heat-dissipating. Furthermore, KOLON SPORT launched the Million Tree-planting project and improved the ecological environment by planting trees in desertifying areas. With support from the society, schools and individuals, KOLON SPORT planted trees in Inner Mongolia and Ningxia. Also, KOLON SPORT will donate RMB5 dollars to the Million Tree-planting Project on every selected product purchase. Customers will be given a charitable tree-planting donation certificate for every purchase of the two selected items and an opportunity to plant a tree themselves.

Promoting sustainable development has always been our focus in the field of innovation. We also consider exerting our greatest efforts to contribute to environmental protection as a part of our corporate social responsibility. We will continue to increase our investment in research and development, and further explore innovation in environmental protection technology.