The social progression and development are built on the responsibility and support from different stakeholders of the society. As a part of the society, we would like to invest certain portion of our income in constructing the society and investing more resources in sports development and public health by persistently promoting different community projects. Through proposing industry reform, resource donation, foundation donation, athlete sponsorship and youth literacy education, we hope to promote the development of Chinese sportswear industry and sports industry in various aspects.

In order to ensure that the resources are allocated to the right place, we allocate resources based on the actual operational status and social roles. We focus on supporting the sportswear industry, poverty relief projects, sports development and physical literacy education to promote social development.

Our Stance:
  • Support national policy and promote industry development to take a spot in the international arena as a Chinese sportswear brand;
  • Enhance the society’s attention and understanding through our brand influence, and lower the threshold of sports participation and promote healthy living;
  • Allow every youth from impoverished areas of China to wear high-quality sportswear equipment, and allow them to enjoy sports and the joy of sports;
  • Popularize quality physical education in China;
  • Integrate resources to support Chinese athletes; and
  • Cooperate actively with the government to fight against the Pandemic