We adhere to fulfilling our social responsibilities, formulate ESG strategies and goals, and proactively support the realization of 17 SDGs of the United Nations. We proactively communicate with various stakeholders and collect their suggestions. We continuously improve our sustainability structure, establish and improve our corporate governance and compliance system, manage and control business risks, and enhance our governance capabilities for ESG affairs. We join hands with all walks of life to build a better world.

Company Governance

We appreciate the value and importance of achieving high corporate governance standards to enhance corporate performance, transparency and accountability, which in turn enable us to earn the confidence of Shareholders and the public.

The Board strives to adhere to the standard corporate governance principles and adopt sound corporate governance practices to meet the legal and commercial standards, with a focus on a number of areas including risk management and internal control, fair disclosure and accountability to Shareholders.

Business Ethics

We abide by the “Supervision Law of the People’s Republic of China”, the “Company Law of the People’s Republic of China”, and other national laws and regulations. We formulate and abide by internal management policies, including the “Anti-Corruption Regulations” which clearly list our prohibition of corruption behavior, such as any types of facilitation fee, and the corresponding punishment. During the financial year, we established the Integrity and Ethics Committee in company-level, which is composed of managers from the Audit and Supervision Department, Legal Department, Corporate Affairs Department, Finance Department, and Human Resources Department, as the highest organization for anti-corruption supervision.

Our employees are required to sign the “Integrity and Self-discipline Commitment” and we have added anti-corruption clauses in our standard “Employee Labor Contract” to strengthen internal anti-corruption measures. We joined the Sunshine Integrity Alliance and the Corporate Anti-Fraud Alliance as a member in 2019 to learn from the experience of excellent corporates and improve our internal anti-corruption system. We reached an anti-fraud consensus with alliance companies during the financial year by sharing the list of untrustworthy individuals and promising to refuse to hire these untrustworthy individuals who engaged in unethical or immoral activity.

We proactively build an anti-corruption culture and conduct publicity and training for the Board, management and employees through different channels, such as ANTA Forum, ANTA Youth, Integrity ANTA, and Integrity Month, with a coverage rate of 100%. During the financial year, all directors participated in anti-corruption training. In the 89th ANTA Forum held in April 2021, the management made a presentation of the Group’s anti-corruption policies, culture and measures to all employees, and advocated that they shall uphold the principles, remain upright, and work in a down-to-earth manner. Employees signed the “Integrity and Self-discipline Commitment” and committed to maintaining high integrity.