We are committed to protecting your privacy and you can visit most of our web pages without providing any personal information. However, certain information is sometimes required in order to provide you with requested services. This privacy statement explains collection and use of data under these circumstances. This privacy statement is only applicable to this website.

Collection of Your Personal Information

We will request your consent when we need your identifiable information (user's personal information) or contact information. Usually, when you participate in competition, subscribe to E-news express, visit high-level stations with certain restrictions, register in conference or training and purchase or register products on our website, we will request you to furnish such information. Personal information collected by this website is normally limited to basic information such as users' name, age, gender, e-mail address, language, nation and geographic location. Nevertheless, other information may be requested in rendering requested service.

When you download software from this website, we may request you to register your downloaded software online. We will save this registration information in a file together with other information you furnished during your previous visits.

We will also collect certain information related to software and hardware of your computer including your IP address, browser type, operation system, domain name, visiting time and relevant website address. Such information is used to facilitate service operation, guarantee service quality and provide general statistics on use of this website.

We will also collect information on what pages clients have visited on this website. Such website visiting data is identified solely through ID No. and will not have a link to personal information unless obtaining approval from the user. Detailed as follows:

Use of Your Personal Information

Your personal information will be used mainly to:

  • Insure that our website has satisfied your demand.
  • Transmit your requested or purchased services such as news, events, trainings or software.
  • Assist us in creating and providing contents closer to your interest.
  • Remind you to obtain product upgrading information, discount products, updates and other new services (if you have requested such services).
  • Grant you access to certain restricted areas on our website.

In order to facilitate research, we will combine station visiting data with anonymous statistic information and then make use of such aggregated information in an effort to provide contents that are closer to your interest. In some parts of our website where visits are restricted, we will combine your personal information with station visiting data upon your approval so as to furnish customized contents. If you reject, we will not furnish customized content nor combine your personal information with station visiting data.

Occasionally, we will employ other companies to represent us in offering restricted services including packaging, mailing, delivering purchased articles, answering questions on products or services, mailing correspondences and handling conference registration, etc. We only provide such companies with information required by these services and such information is prohibited from being used for other purposes.

We will disclose your personal information if required by the law or with sufficient reason to believe that only in doing so can we (a) satisfy explicit provision of the law or comply with applicable legal procedure of this website or station, (b) Protect rights or property of this website or its series web stations, and (c) protect the safety of our employees, products, service users or general public in emergency.

Control of Your Personal Information

When you furnish personal information through registration or other ways, we will not allow any third party to share such information without your permission except for situations listed above. Such information is used for abovementioned purposes only.

In registration, you may choose whether to allow us to contact you and in which way. After registration, please enter Users' Personal Information Center to create your priorities in the "Contact Option" section. You may decide therein which information to receive and way of reception, or you can remove the mark in contact option box to inform us not to contact you.

Occasionally, we will allow other companies to provide our registered customers with information on their products and service (limited to the form of correspondence). If you don't want to receive such information, you should enter Contact Option Section of Users' Personal Information Center to cancel the option of "Partners of this website may send me information related to their services or products through regular mail".

We may send you E-mails on a regular basis to notify technical service or safety issue related to your requested product or service, or confirm your request for product or service. However, you cannot cancel subscription of such e-mails as they are an integral part of your chosen service.

Visit Your Personal Information

We offer diverse ways to ensure that your information is accurate and timely.

If you register on this website or subscribe to news express, you may check and edit your personal information in Users' Personal Information Center. You will be required to input your user's name and password before checking your personal information.

In Users' Personal Information Center, you may:

  • Check and edit personal information provided on this website.
  • Inform us whether you wish us to send you market publicity information.
  • Choose if you allow a third party to offer their product/service information through correspondence.
  • Subscribe to or cancel subscription of news express related to our services and products.

Some of our services we provide may collect information not available in Users' Personal Information Center. Nevertheless, you may, under such circumstance, visit your personal information by contacting us as stated hereinafter, or in other visiting approaches introduced by the service.

Safety of Your Personal Information

We will strictly protect the safety of your personal information. We employ various safety technologies and programs to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclose. For instance, we store your supplied personal information on computer servers located in controlled site and visits to such servers are restricted. When sensitive information (e.g. credit card No.) is transmitted through Internet, such information is protected with encryption software such as the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.

Uses of Cookies

Whenever someone visits a station, a Cookie will be left on his or her computer (if this client consents to accept Cookie). If such client has previously visited this station, the station will read the Cookie on his or her computer. One purpose of the Cookie is to collect abovementioned station visiting statistics & data.

We also use Cookie to collect information on news express links clicked by clients. Such information is used to ensure that information we send to clients is what they want. We collect such information in an aggregated form which will in no way have a link to your personal information.

We may adopt Web beacon (also called Clear Gif Technology) or moving marks on our station to help distributing Cookie. Such technology enables us to know how many visitors have clicked key elements on our web page (e.g. link or graph). We use this technology as a tool to collect statistics on aggregated uses of our web stations rather than an attempt to acquire your personal identifiable information. We may share the aggregated station statistics with partners, but we prohibit other companies from placing clear gifs on our website.

If you opt to have your browser reject Cookie on our web station, you may still browse words on the screen but you can not experience customized browsing nor subscribe to services available on our website.

Modification of this Announcement

This privacy statement is subject to change from time to time. We will also modify the date of "Latest Update" on top of this privacy statement accordingly. In case of a material alternation, we will prominently post such alternations on our website.

Contact Information

Your opinions of this privacy statement are welcome. Please contact us via E-Mail:


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Operation of the Website

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We are indemnified against any leak, loss, theft or falsification of personal information caused by force majeure impacting normal website operation such as the Year 2000 Problem, Hacker attack, virus invasion & outbreak, and temporary shutdown due to governmental control.

About Legal Liabilities

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