Improvement in living standards and nationwide popularity of sports in China facilitate consumer demand for sportswear with diversified functionality and design. The retail market and consumer preferences in China have also experienced rapid changes which have created different distribution channels. To encourage our growth in various market segments, we always focus on the sportswear market and we adopt multi-brand and omni-channel strategies to capture opportunities in the mass to high-end markets and key retail channels in China. Our well-defined brand portfolio model has not only helped us defend against market uncertainties, but also enhanced our competitiveness to achieve sustainable development in the long run.

  • ANTA

    ANTA was established in China in 1990s. It is positioned as a functional sportswear brand in mass market and is committed to offering high value-for-money professional sportswear to consumers. Leveraging its strong sponsorship resources, brand equity and R&D capabilities, ANTA has become one of the leaders in performance sports footwear, apparel and accessories in China, with a stronger edge in most popular sports-related products such as running, basketball and cross-training. Stores were mostly located in China's second- and third-tier cities.


    ANTA KIDS has been launched in China in 2008, which was the first Chinese sportswear brand to tap the children's sportswear market. It is positioned as a children's sportswear brand in mass market and it offers good value-for-money and highly comfortable products to children. ANTA KIDS stores are mostly located in China's second- and third-tier cities.

  • FILA

    FILA was established in Italy in 1910s. After acquired the Fila business in the PRC in late 2009, FILA is positioned as a high-end sports fashion clothing brand in China. As a global brand with over 100 years of history, the unique combination of stylish and sporty image from FILA has gained awareness among the Chinese high-end consumers. FILA also has cross-over cooperation with world-renowned designers to bring differentiated sports fashion experiences to the consumers. Echoing FILA’s high-end positioning, FILA stores are mainly located in first- and second-tier cities.


    FILA KIDS has been launched in China in 2015. It is positioned as a children's clothing brand in high-end market. FILA KIDS collection adheres to the heritage and unique image of FILA and has gained awareness among the high-end market.


    FILA FUSION, a youth's trendy clothing brand, opened standalone store. It tapped into the youth market aged 15-25, and presented a young, bright, trendy and sporty brand image, collaborating with different world-renowned brands to launch crossover series.


    DESCENTE was established in Japan in 1930s. The brand is well-known for its professional ski sports gear. High-end sportswear (including ‘ski’, ‘training’, ‘running’ and other categories) is DESCENTE's target market in China.


    Established in 1973, KOLON SPORT focuses on providing specialist climbing equipment. Its green evergreen tree logo highlights the company’s love of nature and encourages people to proactively peruse comfort from nature. Over the past 40 years, KOLON SPORT has successfully established itself as a professional outdoor-wear brand and a pioneer of new lifestyle.