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Mr. Ding Shizhong was awarded the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year China 2008"

Mr. Ding Shizhong was awarded the "Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year China 2008"

(Hong Kong, 21 November, 2008) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or “the Company”, stock code: 2020) is pleased to announce that Mr. Ding Shizhong, the Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, was awarded as a consumer products category winner at the “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award China 2008” to commend his outstanding entrepreneurial achievements. Meanwhile, Mr. Ding Shizhong will be inducted into the “China Entrepreneur of the Year Academy” (“China EOY Academy”) as a lifetime member and becomes one of the business elite in China.

Mr. Ding Shizhong is glad and honored to be awarded, and said, “First of all, thank you Ernst & Young awarded the trophy to me. “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award” is a distinctive honor, and the award is not only significant to me, but to the whole sportswear industry. We will keep on striving to be one of the leading sportswear companies of the world in accordance with our pragmatic and efficient corporate operating manner.”

Regarding the entrepreneurship, Mr. Ding Shizhong expressed his opinion, “For me, entrepreneurship implies a concept of brands overtaking and surpassing. ANTA is not only a sportswear company, but also a brand management company. Our slogan, “Keep Moving…” represents the ideology of ANTA brand, and I have used to fulfill the spirit of “Keep Moving…” in the process of starting and operating the business. As a whole, besides enjoying the gain and success, the entrepreneurs should devote to shoulder the social responsibilities. I believe this kind of compassion can fully embody the ultimate sentiment of entrepreneur spirit.”

Mr. Ding Shizhong also encouraged those youth entrepreneurs who are now developing their businesses and teenagers who intend to start enterprises. He said that they should have a realistic vision, “Some people are unable to be succeeded because they live without any vision. Meanwhile, others can’t do well as their visions are too idealistic and over mighty. Therefore, we ought to explore and establish a long-term, applicable and reasonable vision for ourselves.”

“Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” awards program is one of the world’s most prestigious business accolades for entrepreneurs. The awards program is recognized globally, and honor the most outstanding entrepreneurs who inspire others with their vision, leadership and achievement. Created in the United States in 1986, the ‘Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ awards program has grown to more than 135 cities in 50 countries, with awards presented to hundreds of the world’s most successful and innovative entrepreneurs. Besides, all winners from the China awards program will also gain exclusive membership to the China EOY Academy, comprising current and past winners from China.

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