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ANTA Sports endorsed player Luis Scola in China visit to promote basketball

Meeting fans in five cities Trip to World Expo with Yushu children

(10 June, 2010 – Hong Kong) - ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or "the Company", stock code: 2020) has renewed its endorsement contract with the Houston Rockets' power forward Luis Scola. Earlier, Scola went on to a tour organized by ANTA Sports to five Chinese cities from 29 May to 5 June. The "Road to Glory" tour to Beijing, Harbin, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou aimed to promote the sport of basketball in China. Scola also used the rare opportunity to interact with fans and players in those cities.

At the signing ceremony, ANTA Sports presented to Scola a pair of tailor-made basketball shoes named "Phoenix". The gift symbolized ANTA Sports and Scola's shared belief to promote friendship and sportsmanship between China and the West through closer partnership in basketball. The gift also conveys a sense of dynamism and breakthrough and is a gesture to wish Socla better performance in the coming season.

"I'm very pleased to have this opportunity to continue to work with ANTA Sports. It is my hope that through ANTA Sports' basketball resources that we can help take the development of the sport to new levels in China", Scola said. "The basketball shoes and apparel made by ANTA Sports just keep getting better and better no matter whether it's their designs, functions, technology or comfort. This pair of tailor-made "Phoenix" basketball shoes means a lot to me and I hope they will help me produce better performance in the upcoming season alongside my team mates. " Mr. Zheng Jie, Executive Vice President of ANTA Sports, said, "Despite the challenges faced by his team last season, Scola never gave up and continued to work hard to deliver the best results he could. That precisely is the kind of "Keep moving" spirit that ANTA Sports believes in, a spirit that has made our partnership with Scola stronger. We would like to offer Scola our best wishes for his performance on the court in the new season when he's wearing the ANTA Sports basketball shoes."

The key objective of Scola's tour to China was to facilitate exchange between young players in China and to improve their basketball skills. Scola’s first stop was the Chinese University Basketball Association ("CUBA") training camp in Beijing, where he coached some of the players and shared with them his years of experience in basketball. After that, Scola went to Harbin for the opening ceremony of "Towards the Top - Basketball Rookies Tryouts", which was co-organized by ANTA Sports and CCTV5 basketball TV program, "Hoopark". Winners will be given the chance to train with the Chinese Basketball Association ("CBA") basketball teams or join an exchange programme with the teams of National Collegiate Athletic Association ("NCAA") in the US. The rookies' tryout event serves as a platform for the selection future basketball stars in China. Afterwards, Scola took on some of the players in a series of one-on-one friendly matches. "The young players are really outstanding in terms of endurance and basketball skills," Scola said after the matches. "I think they will have a bright future ahead of them in basketball. China has already produced a dozen of world-class center forwards. I hope some of these young players will become excellent power forwards one day."

ANTA Sports and Scola's passion for promoting basketball is matched only by their commitment to charity. Visiting the Shanghai World Expo with a dozen of children affected by the earthquake in Yushu, Qinghai, Scola offered to coach the kids some basic basketball skills among Expo visitors at a basketball stand specially erected outside of the Argentinean pavilion. Each of the children was later presented with ANTA Kids sportswear by Scola as a gesture to share the joy and excitement of basketball with them. The tour ended with Scola attending fans meetings in Nanjing Confucius Temple Square and Guangzhou Liwan Plaza, where he interacted with fans in activities such as basketball skills demonstration and coaching.

Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, said: "Luis Scola is the first NBA star to have visited China this summer. Through his interactions with consumers and basketball players, we hope to communicate ANTA Sport's motto of "Keep Moving" to the public, and our commitment to promoting basketball across the nation. Scola said after the tour: "China has a great environment for basketball. The young people just love the sport. They hold the future of the sport in this country. No matter what difficulties they may encounter in the road ahead I hope they will all be able to conquer those challenges like I have and 'keep moving' to pursue their basketball dreams."

Photo 1:In the endorsement contract renewal ceremony, Luis Scola was presented with the pair of "Phoenix" basketball shoes which are set with 4 karat diamond.

Photo 2:ANTA endorsed Player Luis Scola coaches young players at CUBA training camp at the Capital Normal University (首都師範大學).

Photo 3: Luis Scola takes questions from the host of "Towards the Top – Basketball Rookies Tryouts" event in Harbin.

Photo 4: Luis Scola gave the gifts to the Yushu children outfitted by ANTA Kids sportswear series, and visited Argentinean pavilion in Shanghai World Expo.

Photo 5: Luis Scola coached the Yushu children basketball skills, sharing the happiness and excitement of basketball with them.

Photo 6: Luis Scola attended the fans meeting for interactive communication with the Chinese fans in Nanjing.

Photo 7: Under the guidance of Lion Dance master, Luis Scola learnt a Lion Dance during the fans meeting in Guangzhou.

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