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ANTA Sports Pledges Support for Chinese Sports Delegation

Unveils ANTA-designed Sportswear for Chinese Sports Delegation in the 16th Asian Games Design incorporates Olympic spirit and Guangzhou elements

(Hong Kong, 18 October 2010) ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or the "Company", stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to co-host with the Chinese Olympic Committee ("COC") “The 16th Asian Games Chinese Sports Delegation Sports Gear Presentation and the 16th Chinese Sports Delegation ("CSD") Sendoff Ceremony" in Beijing today. The event's theme was "Support China Altogether". During the ceremony, ANTA unveiled the official sportswear to be worn by the CSD in the upcoming Asian Games. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Yang Shu'an, the Vice Director of General Administration of Sports of China, Mr. Ma Jilong, member of the market development committee of the COC and a number of brilliant athletes. This is the second time this year ANTA designed sportswear for the CSD in international events after the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in February. This has further strengthened ANTA's image as the representative of China's sports industry.
ANTA Sports has been chosen as the Sportswear Partner of the COC since June 2009. The ANTA-designed sportswear for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games was a huge success. The Asian Games will be held from 12-27 November in Guangzhou. It is the second time for China to host the Asian Games since the one held in Beijing in 1990. Again, China will send out a large delegation to the Guangzhou Asian Games where the CSD will be donned with ANTA's outfit at the victory ceremonies.
The design of the CSD sportswear is based on the Olympic flame. In addition to the national flag symbol, ANTA Sports has also incorporated some Guangzhou elements in the design, such as the city's floral emblem - the commen bomhax flower, and its legendary five goats statue.  The design also adheres to the Guangzhou Asian Games' theme: "Thrilling Games.Harmonious Asia". The Company uses the latest laser printing technology to create three-dimensional effects on the flame. The gold-coloured design is very eye-catching. ANTA also highlights functionality of the CSD footwear, using advanced A-Jelly material on the whole shoe sole and offering the maximum shock absorption ability and comfort.
Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, Mr. Ding Shizhong, said, "On behalf of ANTA Sports, I would like to wish the CSD resounding success in the Asian Games. ANTA Sports is looking forward to witnessing the CSD  in medal-presentation ceremonies outfitted with ANTA-designed sportswear. As the strategic partner of the COC, ANTA Sports will continue to extend full support to the CSD and promote the development of sports in the country."
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(1): Mr. Yang Shu'an, the Vice Director of General Administration of Sports of China, and Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman & CEO of ANTA Sports, unveiled the sportswear for the CSD in the 16th Asian Games.

(2): Lu Yong, the gold medalist of 85kg Men Weight Lifting in 2008 Beijing Olympics, presented ANTA-designed sportswear for the CSD in the 16th Asian Games.

(3): The CSD footwear has used advanced A-Jelly material on the whole shoe sole which offers the maximum shock absorption ability and comfort.
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