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ANTA Sports Shows Full Support for a Green Asian Games

Joins world champion athletes in tree planting to celebrate spirit of green sports

(Hong Kong, 18 November 2010) ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or the "Company", stock code: 2020) is proud to be a part of the "Champion Spirit, Green Power" campaign as organised by the World Champions Federation (世界冠军联合会) in Guangzhou recently. Leveraging the Asian Games in the city this year, the campaign aims to promote the green spirit of Asia's premier sporting event. In a symbolic move to help lay the foundation for a greener tomorrow, ANTA Sports' senior management and world champion athletes including China's first Olympic gold medalist, Xu Haifeng, and volleyball veteran, Zhao Ruirui, participated in a tree planting ceremony at Guangdong Experimental High School where they helped creating a patch of lush green vegetation named "Champion Forest".
This is the second such activity held by the federation after around 30 world champion athletes took part in the planting of the first "Champion Forest" at the Olympic Village in Beijing earlier this year. The Guangzhou event this time was particularly meaningful given that it took place at the host city of this year's Asian Games. At the ceremony, the attending athletes and ANTA Sports Executive Vice President James Zheng were appointed "Green Counselors" of Guangdong Experimental Middle School, where they vowed to commit themselves to green charitable contributions. Furthermore, to help passing the spirit of the "Green Asian Games" to the younger generations, ANTA Sports donated the sportswear gear wore by the Chinese Sports Delegation in the 16th Asian Games to the school.
Environmental protection is one of the key missions of the International Olympic Committee under the Olympic Charter. ANTA Sports, as an official partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee, spares no effort in its support to build a greener China. The Company’s Executive Vice President James Zheng said, "ANTA Sports has always been an active participant of charitable activities in China. When it comes to protecting the environment ANTA Sports has taken all necessary steps to promote green living. Nowhere is that commitment more apparent than in the designs of our products which are full of green features. Through taking concrete actions we hope to shoulder our share of the responsibility to build a better China as a corporate citizen, and further promote the healthy development of China’s sports industry and of a green lifestyle in the country."

The attending athletes and ANTA Sports Executive Vice President James Zheng participated in a tree planting ceremony at Guangdong Experimental High School, aiming to pass the spirit of the “Green Asian Games” to the younger generations.

The participates vowed to commit themselves to green charitable contributions.
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