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ANTA Sports Presents a New Series of Women's Sportswear Which Will Further Fuel Sales in this Highly Promising Market

(Hong Kong, 15 March 2011) ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or the "Company", stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to debut an exciting, new series of women's sportswear that will appeal greatly to every woman's desire for happy fitness for both the mind and body.
Three energetic ladies embody both the vision and ambition of our brand for the female sportswear market, namely, Guo Jingjing, China's "Diving Queen" and Olympic medalist, Jane Zhang, the singing star adored by the young and the hip, and veteran tennis star Zheng Jie. As ANTA Sports-endorsed spokeswomen, these shining lights spare no effort in enhancing female participation in sports while, at the same time, cultivating our mission, which encourages women everywhere to go beyond their personal limitations for a more wonderful life.
The new collection is available in two product lines, "Sports Sculpting" and "Beauty Shaping", to fully address women's needs for sports function and fashion. The "Sports Sculpting" line offers performance-based products to streamline the look of the wearer in body toning exercises. Meanwhile, the "Beauty Shaping” line is fashionably tailored for a woman's full range of dynamics and flexibility when enjoying sports and leisure. In addition, ANTA Sports has joined hand with to launch the website "Live from the Heart" on 1 April 2011, where female consumers will be able to explore more about women's sports and ANTA's new products.
"ANTA exudes professionalism and its sportswear products fully satisfy the needs of women sports lovers. As one of the spokeswomen of the new collection, I hope to share the spirit of "Joyful Sports" with female consumers that, with strong passion on sports, like me, they’ll feel more energetic and be a step closer to establishing self-esteem and fulfilling their lives,' stated Guo Jingjing during the launch ceremony of our new women's series in Beijing. Jane Zhang was also excited to join the family of ANTA, saying, 'my enthusiasm towards sports is no less than it is to music as it makes me feel free and confident.'
In view of the increasing affluence of women in China, their desire for taking part in more sports activities and looking for appropriate sportswear is growing. The Company’s professional and trendy women's sportswear, vouched for by three healthy, confident, cheerful and ideal spokeswomen and promoted through a series of well-thought-out promotional campaigns, is certain to be an immediate hit among target consumers while further fuelling sales in the highly promising women's sportswear market.
ANTA Sports' Assistant to the CEO Mr. Xu Yang concluded the successful sportswear launch by saying, "Although our three new spokeswomen come from different backgrounds, each is a shining example on their respective stage and they all share common ground through their immense love of sports. Therefore, they will undoubtedly and vigorously promote ANTA Sports' brand spirit and mission, so that more and more female consumers are introduced to and regularly enjoy the joy and happiness of sports."

Photo 1: "Diving Queen" Guo Jingjing (right), singing star Jane Zhang (left) and ANTA Sports' Assistant to the CEO Xu Yang (middle), participating in the launch ceremony of ANTA women's sportswear.

Photo 2: Guo Jingjing and Jane Zhang will accompany with veteran tennis star, Zheng Jie, to promote ANTA's brand spirit and mission and introduce the joy of sports for more and more female consumers with their healthy, confident, cheerful personality.

Photo 3: ANTA Sports' Assistant to the CEO Xu Yang (middle), presenting souvenirs to ANTA women's sportswear spokeswomen, Guo Jingjing (right) and Jane Zhang (left).
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