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ANTA Sports Launches Olympics Strategy and Marketing Campaign Hand-in-Hand with COC Unveils “Champion Dragon Outfit” at the China Sport Show

Promoting ANTA's Unique Brand Image through Diversified Strategies Strengthening the Association between ANTA, the Olympics and National Pride

(Hong Kong, 17 May 2012) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the tailor-made winning outfit for the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) of the London Olympics has been named the “Champion Dragon Outfit”. At the same time, ANTA Sports will cooperate with the Chinese Olympic Committee (“COC”) and the International Olympic Committee (“IOC”) to launch its Olympics marketing campaign during the London Olympics. The “Champion Dragon Outfit” will be displayed at Procter & Gamble booths and McDonald’s restaurants as well as their media platforms in order to promote the atmosphere of the London Olympics across various parts of China.

At the 30th China Sport Show in Beijing, Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the General Administration of Sport of China, together with Mr. Ding Shizong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, and Olympics gold medal winners Xu Haifeng and Guo Jingjing, attended the official unveiling ceremony of the “Champion Dragon Outfit”, which marked the official launch of ANTA Sports’ Olympics strategy and marketing campaign.

“Champion Dragon Outfit” – ANTA Sports Works Hand-in-Hand with CSD for London Olympics

ANTA Sports designed the winning outfit for the CSD of the London Olympics with the theme of “Dragon”. Chinese people have a special association with the “Dragon” as it represents traditional Chinese culture and symbolises the nation’s pride. ANTA hopes to promote long-standing traditional Chinese culture to the various parts of the world and to demonstrate the charisma and profoundness of Chinese culture through the “Champion Dragon Outfit” to be showcased by the CSD. Handled by a team of 12 professional designers, the design process of the “Champion Dragon Outfit” took more than a year, during which a total of 27 designs and over 150 revisions were generated. The manufacture of a single outfit takes approximately 20 days from fabric to end product.  The “Champion Dragon Outfit” will be officially launched in late June or early July.

The winning outfit adopts high-end technology with waterproof and breathable fabric which can effectively resist rain and is suitable for the weather in London during the Olympics. To keep the athletes dry and warm, the evaporation capability of the fabric helps to spread sweat quickly. In addition, the winning outfit adopts punching laser technology, which features excellent breathability, enabling the athletes to get rid of excess heat and moisture and to experience greater comfort. Also, punching laser technology gives athletes an edge with its smooth, tidy, and appealing design.

ANTA Sports has always placed great emphasis on environmental protection and considers the building of a Green China to be its responsibility. Created through the tenacious hard work of the Company’s design team, the “Champion Dragon Outfit” is made of advanced low-carbon, bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly fabric. The perfect integration of aesthetic sense and environmental protection not only demonstrates the Company’s strong R&D capabilities, but also fully manifests ANTA’s brand philosophy of ‘Keep Moving’ in innovation.

Diversified Promotional Strategies to Strengthen Brand Differentiation

ANTA Sports will launch an integrated marketing campaign together with Procter & Gamble and McDonald’s to promote the Olympics spirit. The winning outfit for the CSD will be displayed at Procter & Gamble booths and McDonald’s restaurants as well as on their media platforms. ANTA Sports will strengthen its close cooperation with the COC and will support the “Home of China” set up by the COC during the London Olympics, so as to facilitate gatherings between domestic and foreign media as well as to promote ANTA’s brand culture through high-end media resources. Furthermore, the Company will cooperate with the IOC to intergrate Olympics logos from previous Olympic Games into the Olympic product series. In addition, a series of Olympics-related promotional campaigns has been launched at approximately 1,000 ANTA retail stores featuring displays of the winning outfit, sales of COC and IOC licensed product series and major roadshows. Not only it will bring ANTA closer to consumers, more importantly, it will improve retail traffic and boost sales performance. The Company has also collaborated with the CCTV to launch the “Honour Moment” programme to showcase the CSD’s proudest moments to audiences in China so as to strengthen the association between ANTA, the Olympics and the COC.

Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports Mr. Ding Shizhong said, “Despite the industry is full of challenges this year, as a leading sportswear brand in China, ANTA Sports will not only strengthen our innovation capability and the promotion of our diversified products, but we will also seize the opportunity arising from the London Olympics to enhance our association with the COC and the CSD and enhance our differentiated brand image. We have tailor-made the “Champion Dragon Outfit” for the CSD for its participation at the London Olympics. The outfit incorporates green concepts and captures China’s cultural heritage with the Dragon in its design. The design not only exhibits ANTA Sports’ strong technological capabilites, but also helps to boost the public’s sense of belonging and supremacy in the nation, and will further deepen ANTA’s proprietary brand culture among our customers. ”

Photo 1: Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the General Administration of Sport of China and Mr. Ding Shizong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports unveiled the “Champion Dragon Outfit” in the official ceremony.

Photo 2: Olympics gold medal winners Xu Haifeng and Guo Jingjing, appeared in the China Sport Show to support the unveiling ceremony of the the “Champion Dragon Outfit”.

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