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Unveiling of the Winning Outfit for the London Olympics CSD Kicking off ANTA Sports’ Olympics Marketing Strategies

(Hong Kong, 27 June 2012) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the official unveiling ceremony of the winning outfit for the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) of the London Olympics 2012 was held at Juyong Pass of the Great Wall of China on the evening of 26 June. Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the General Administration of Sport of China and Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee (“COC”); Ms. Yang Yang, member of International Olympic Committee (“IOC”); Olympics gold medal winners Mr. Xu Haifeng and Ms. Guo Jingjing; as well as Mr. Li Qiang and Ms. Zhou Yu, members of National Canoe-kayaking Team, attended the event together and revealed the design of “Champion Dragon Outfit” tailor-made by ANTA Sports.

A Bold Breakthrough in Design Demonstrating the Culture of the “Dragon”

The core element of the “Champion Dragon Outfit” is the concept of the Chinese “Dragon”. ANTA Sports hopes to demonstrate to the world the essence and charisma of traditional Chinese culture when the CSD wears the “Champion Dragon Outfit” at the Olympic Games. ANTA Sports discarded the red and yellow collage design used for past versions of the winning outfit. The new design continues to use the red and yellow colours from China’s national flag, but with the addition of a “Dragon” pattern that blends seamlessly with the plain layout in the middle part of the winning outfit, representing a bold breakthrough in the matching of colours that makes the overall image of the “Champion Dragon Outfit” grand yet simple.

Winning Outfit Integrates Technology, Functionality and Environmental Protection

The “Champion Dragon Outfit” adopts advanced technology such as the “Hydrophilic Non-Porous PU Coating Film” waterproof and breathable fabric, which prevents rain and snow from penetrating the fabric. In addition, the winning outfit’s Punching Laser technology, which features excellent breathability, enables the wearers to get rid of excess heat and moisture in order to experience greater comfort. The fabric of the “Champion Dragon Outfit” benefits from advanced recycling technology with the use of recyclable yarn. Every ton of recycled yarn saves six tons of oil and reduces energy consumption by more than 80%, giving the “Champion Dragon Outfit” the most environmental-friendly features ever in the history of Olympic winning outfits in China.

A Combination of ANTA’s Multiple Top-Notch Core Technologies in the Winning Shoes

Furthermore, one of the ANTA Sports’ core technologies, A-Jelly, has been adopted in the winning shoes. The shock absorbing elastic scatters the force of impact on the feet so as to strengthen foot protection. Mesh fabric water repellent treatment is applied to the vamp, which prevents rainwater from penetrating the shoe and enabling the wearers to get expel moisture. The winning shoes also adopt “A” shape soles and anti-slip rubber, “A-StickyRB”, which greatly improves the winning shoes’ skid resistance capabilities. Furthermore, 3M printing technology was applied to the “LONDON 2012” logo on the toe cap, making them glow in the dark, thus allowing wearers to walk safely at night.

Kick starts Olympics Marketing Strategies

In addition to the tailor-made “Champion Dragon Outfit” for the CSD, ANTA Sports also launched a series of Olympics marketing strategies to prepare for the upcoming London Olympics so as to encourage the Chinese athletes to achieve further success. The strategies include:

  • Cross-border Olympics marketing ── ANTA Sports has joined hands with the partners of IOC and the COC for the first time. The “Champion Dragon Outfit” will be displayed at McDonalds restaurants, Procter & Gamble booths and Hilton hotels to promote the Olympic spirit in a team effort;
  • IOC licenced products ── A comprehensive collaborate effort is being carried out together with the IOC. Apart from brand image promotion, various types of licenced products will be launched. Licenced products will be displayed and available at retail stores and e-commerce platforms of ANTA Sports; and
  • Olympic-themed TVC featuring star athletes ── ANTA Sports launched a brand new Olympic-themed TVC, inviting a number of star athletes who made Chinese sports history to take part, including Xu Haifeng, the first Chinese Olympic gold medal winner; diving queen Guo Jingjing; and Olympic table tennis champions Kong Linghui and Wang Hao.

Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports Mr. Ding Shizhong said, “As a 2009-2012 stragetic partner of the COC, we have tailor-made winning outfits for the CSD and have been actively involved in the promotion of the Olympic sports in China. In addition, ANTA Sports is committed to training China’s most excellent athletes and coaches and to establishing a new era of in-depth cooperation between the Olympic Games and a top sportswear brand in China. The Chinese Olympic atheletes will start their journey to London next month and will wear the “Champion Dragon Outfit” on the Olympic victory podium where they will display China’s distinctive ‘Dragon’ and the strength of the Chinese sportswear brand to the world.”


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