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Nine Dragons Glorifies the Winter Quest to Sochi ANTA Sports Tailor-makes the “Champion Dragon Outfit” for Chinese Sports Delegation at the Winter Olympic Games

(Hong Kong, 8 January 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the launch ceremony of the winning outfit, featuring the theme of “Keep the Champion's Spirit Alive”, for the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) of the Winter Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi, Russia was held at Nine-Dragon Wall in Beihai Park in Beijing. Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the State General Administration of Sport (“SGAS”) and Vice President of the Chinese Olympic Committee (“COC”); Ms. Wen Wen, Inspector-General of the Publicity Department of the SGAS and Vice Press and Publicity Minister of the COC; Mr. Zhao Ying Gang, Director of Winter Sports Management Centre of the SGAS; Mr. Li Hua, Director of Sport Equipment Centre of the SGAS and Marketing Minister of the COC; Mr. Liang Chun, Vice Director of General Office of the SGAS; Mr. Han Jian Guo, Vice Director of Water Sports Management Centre of the SGAS; Mr. Li Hang, Vice Director of Sport Equipment Centre of the SGAS and Vice Marketing Minister of the COC; Ms. Yang Yang, member of the International Olympic Committee, the champion of the Winter Olympic Games and Founder of the Champion Fund; Ms. Ye Qiao Bo, China’s first Winter Olympics medalist and ex-speed skating athlete, along with athlete representatives Ms. Pang Qing, Mr. Tong Jian, Ms. Peng Cheng, Mr. Zhang Hao and Ms. Yu Jing attended the event and revealed the design of the Winter Olympics “Champion Dragon Outfit” tailor-made by ANTA Sports.

Nine Dragons dancing for Winter Games—a historical heritage

As the descendants of the dragon, Chinese nation can be best represented by the symbol of the legendary creature. Since the Chinese character, “Dragon” was used as an element in the design of the winning outfit for the CSD in London Olympics in 2012, ANTA Sports visualised the Nine-Dragon Wall, one of the cultural icons of the Chinese nation on the winning outfit for the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia this year, with the aim of inspiring the Chinese Olympic athletes, while also promoting the spirit of China’s dragon culture.

The “Champion Dragon Outfit” for the Winter Olympic Games not only displays historical and traditional heritage in its concept, but also makes bold breakthroughs in terms of fashion design and technological innovation. Slim-fitting and cozy knit fabric is used in the winning outfit, providing greater comfort to the athletes, while a traditional Chinese brocade technique is adopted in the design, exhibiting the nine dragons in different forms on the Nine-Dragon Wall onto the winning outfit. The word “China” in the back of the winning outfit is represented in Chinese characters to highlight China element. All of these details combine to form the most fashionable Olympic winning outfit in China.

Technological details make the perfect winning shoes

Furthermore, ANTA Sports adopted “A-Loop”, the Company’s key technology in 2014, in the winning shoes. “A-Loop” is inspired by the double-layered structure of a car chassis, with a hollow cylinder outside being the first layer, serving the function of energy return and rebound, while the central area between the fore sole and the heel is the second layer, specialising in stabilisation, support and shock absorption. The double layer structure offers a high degree of protection and rebounding, stable support, flexibility, lightweight and other features, providing protection and shock absorption for athletes’ feet. The woven surface of the quarter not only keeps the feet warm but also provides support to the feet, making the shoes suitable for cold weather. The winning shoes also adopt the “Dragon” element, with dragon scales vividly shown on the quarter by electric-carving, and a dragon icon is displayed on the tongue, enhancing the cultural essence of the winning shoes.

Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, said, “As the sportswear brand representing China’s sports essence, we make it our responsibility to promote the development of China’s sports undertakings and integrate the sports spirit of ‘Going Beyond Oneself’ into everyone’s daily life. We have been the strategic partner of the COC since 2009, and together, we have been on a journey of ‘Keep Moving’ towards champion. For the 2013 to 2016 Olympic cycle, we will not only provide professional winning outfits to the CSD for 10 major international sports events, but will also provide professional training, competition and winning outfits to the athletes of 16 China national teams under three sports management centres. The Winter Olympic Games is the largest and most prestigious international event for winter sports, and Chinese Olympic athletes will go all out to win and reach new heights in Sochi, Russia next month, and will strive to reach the top podium at the Winter Olympic Games wearing the “Champion Dragon Outfit”, which incorporates tradition and fashion, while also demonstrating the graceful demeanor of Chinese athletes and ANTA’s professional brand image to the entire world.”

Photo 1: Ms. Xiao Min, Assistant Minister of the SGAS and Vice President of the COC, Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, along with athlete representatives unveiled the “Champion Dragon Outfit” in the launch ceremony.

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