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ANTA Sports Launches Revolutionary New A-Web 2.0 Technology Running Shoe

Innovation drives Olympics and lights up the future

(Hong Kong, 14 May 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the Company has launched professional running shoe featuring the brand new ANTA A-Web 2.0 technology in the second quarter of 2014, and that A-Web 2.0 technology will be part of the winning gear of the China Sports Delegation (“CSD”) for the Youth Olympic Games to be held in August 2014. At the 32th China Sport Show that opened in May at the Wuhan International Expo Centre, Anta Sports has joined hands with Winter Olympics champions Zhou Yang, Zhang Hong and Xu Lijia to exhibit the colourful yet easy-to-match and energetic ANTA A-Web 2.0 technology running shoe (“A-Web 2.0 running shoe”) demonstrating ANTA Sports’ persistence in technological innovation and its commitment to promoting sports in China.

With cutting-edge technologies applied to both the vamp and sole for excellent breathability, fit, comfort and shock absorption, the revolutionary A-Web 2.0 running shoe is poised to become a landmark in the history of ANTA’s running shoe development. The A-Web 2.0 technology featured in the vamp employs today’s most popular knitting technology, while the vamp itself is a single body to prevent unnecessary patches and stitches, which not only improves cost efficiency during production, but can also provide a better fit and wearing experience by holding the foot tightly inside the shoe. A-Web 2.0 technology adopts breathing hole design extensively, and different parts of the vamp are of different knitting densities so as to substantially enhance breathability. Special material is also added into the threads used in knitting to enhance the strength and durability of the vamp for outstanding stability and support.

In addition, the sole adopts the innovative A-Loop technology, which was inspired by the double layer structure of a car chassis. The hollow cylinders at the outsole periphery are as similar to tires, and provide greater comfort, springiness and energy return. The middle part of outsole along the forefoot and rearfoot is hollow which is similar to a car chassis to provide sustainability in support. Most importantly, this design provides the advantage of taking into account a variety of runners’ body forms. Slim runners will be able to feel the outsole periphery of the rebound effect, while for overweight runners, the peripheral outsole’s hollow cylinders are adjust to the different body weight to allow the middle part of outsole to partially touch the ground for overweight runner, giving them additional support. The bottom of the ANTA A-Web 2.0 technology running shoe also adopts resistant rubber which help runners avoid slipping while running. With the specialised A-loop technology, the A-Web 2.0 running shoe not only provides another choice for professional runners, but also fits different needs of the mass market consumers. Adhering to the principle of high value-for-money of ANTA products, the A-Web 2.0 running shoe is available at the price of only RMB399.

Mr. James Zheng, Executive Director of ANTA Sports and Brand President of ANTA, said, “Technological innovation has been driving ANTA moving forward over the years and has helped ANTA become leading national brands in China’s sporting goods industry. Furthermore, technological research and products are at the core of ANTA’s ‘retail-oriented’ restructuring strategy launched last year. We hope to satisfy the different needs of consumers through the improvement of our technological research ability and by creating value-for-money products with better technology. In addition to providing our mass consumers the best product experience via innovative technologies, we will also apply these top technologies to winning outfits for the CSD, provide winning outfits of the best quality and assist China’s Olympics development as well as sports in China so as to achieve greater glory.”

Photo 1: A-Web 2.0 running shoe featuring A-Web 2.0 and A-Loop technologies.

Photo 2: A-Web 2.0 running shoe with different color schemes were displayed at this year’s China Sport Show.


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