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ANTA Endorser Rajon Rondo Draws Major Attention in China Tour

First “ANTA Ball Control Training Camp” Held to Create a Chinese Version of Rajon Rondo

(Hong Kong, 4 September 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the “Rajon Rondo China Tour 2014” was successfully completed in early September. NBA All-Star player, top point guard with the Boston Celtics and ANTA basketball endorser Rajon Rondo travelled to Beijing, Guangzhou and Xiamen, visiting the ANTA flagship store at the Capital Indoor Stadium in Beijing, attending the first “ANTA Ball Control Training Camp” in Guangzhou and the opening ceremony of the ANTA flagship store at Zhongshan Road, Xiamen, and visiting ANTA Sports Headquarters in Jinjiang. He engaged in close interaction with mainland fans during the events, sparking frenzy in China, and worked together with ANTA Sports to train top point guards in China.    

The main purpose of Rajon Rondo’s China tour is to help cultivate world-class point guards in China and to create a Chinese version of Rajon Rondo. The first “ANTA Ball Control Training Camp”, organised by ANTA Sports and the first free-of-charge basketball training camp focusing on training point guards in China, also kicked off during Rajon Rondo’s China tour. It provides a top-level platform with which young point guards in China enjoy opportunities to develop their talent as they will receive professional training designed by Douglas Bibby, the personal coach of Rajon Rondo, with Rajon Rondo himself also sharing his techniques and experience with them and demonstrating his ball control skills. Furthermore, a limited edition version of autographed Rajon Rondo “Ball Control” training gear will be available for sale exclusively on, and will stir up yet another “Rajon Rondo storm” online.      

The point guard is the player who controls the match, is brain of the team, the coach on the court, the soul of each team as well as the cohesive glue of the entire team. In future, “ANTA Ball Control Training Camps” will gather more outstanding local and foreign point guards and point guard coaches who will train young talents from the grass-roots level on street ball control skills and who will establish a perfect training platform for young basketball players who want to be top point guards. Meanwhile, it also strives to supply top point guards from across the country to the NBA and to nourish world class point guards for the Chinese national team.

According to Rajon Rondo, point guard has always been a weakness in Chinese basketball, and the only secret to becoming a good point guard is to observe and grasp the essence of play. Chinese basketball players should watch high-level basketball competitions such as the NBA and the World Championship in earnest, and to apply what they learn to the court. When referring to his partnership with ANTA Sports over the past year, Rajon Rondo said, “ANTA basketball shoes are very comfortable and protect my feet very well, which helps me win games. In addition, ANTA’s service team works very conscientiously and in a professional manner, and I am very satisfied with the activities they arranged for my China tour this year.”

James Zheng, Executive Director of ANTA Sports and Brand President of ANTA, said, “The ‘Rajon Rondo China Tour 2014’ was a great success as Rajon Rondo attracted considerable attention wherever he went. The China Tour helped to raise awareness of the basketball lovers and consumers so as to further solidify ANTA’s leading position in the basketball market. Looking ahead, the ‘ANTA Ball Control Training Camp’ will be one of our long-term programmes for basketball, and we will organise more training activities and will also establish a long-term online interaction platform to provide training courses for young point guards and guidance on techniques from star instructors like Rajon Rondo so as to nurture outstanding point guards in China.”

Photo 1: Rajon Rondo appeared at the ANTA flagship store at Capital Indoor Stadium, Beijing, attending the launch ceremony of the “ANTA Ball Control Training Camp”, here pictured with James Zheng, Executive Director of ANTA Sports and Brand President of ANTA.

Photo 2: Rajon Rondo attended the first “ANTA Ball Control Training Camp”, where he shared techniques and experience with young point guards on the court.

Photo 3: Rajon Rondo attended the opening ceremony of the ANTA flagship store at Zhongshan Road, Xiamen. He had close interaction and shared experiences of being a point guard with fans in Xiamen.

Photo 4: Rajon Rondo visited the ANTA History Museum and Sports Science Laboratory at ANTA Sports headquarters in Jinjiang. He participated the production process of his own basketball shoes, and learned the glorious history and influence of ANTA brand.