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Chinese Athletes Win 151 Gold Medals at Asian Games, ANTA "Champion Dragon Outfit" Becomes Symbol of Glory

ANTA-sponsored China Gymnastics Team Now Competes at the Nanning World Championships

(Hong Kong, 8 October 2014) As the strategic partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee (“COC”), ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, provided quality winning outfit and competition gear for the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) and a number of national teams at the just-ended Incheon Asian Games (“Asian Games”), the most popular large-scale sporting event in the second half of 2014. Chinese athletes achieved excellent results at the Asian Games and accepted top honour at the victory podium wearing the “Champion Dragon Outfit” tailor-made by ANTA Sports. This not only enhanced ANTA’s brand exposure and greatly reinforced the brand image of representing China’s sports essence and honour, but also further deepened consumers’ sense of national pride and belonging in association with ANTA’s brand and products. Besides, the 45th Fig Artistic Gymnastics World Championships (“World Championships”) is being held in Nanning, China. China Gymnastics Team, equipped with ANTA’s professional competition gear, won its first medal on 7 October at the World Championships and achieved its sixth consecutive champion in men’s team event.

Nearly 900 athletes of the CSD participated at the Asian Games, including over 30 are Olympic champions. The team was the largest, strongest and most diverse team to ever compete at the Asian Games held overseas. The Chinese athletes achieved remarkable results in every competition and won a total of 151 gold medals, 108 silver medals and 83 bronze medals, ranking China first both in the number of gold medals won and in the overall metal tally for the seventh consecutive Asian Games. The “Champion Dragon Outfit” tailor-made by ANTA Sports not only demonstrates China’s sports spirit when Chinese athletes stepped up to the podium at this Asian Games for a total of 342 times, but also attracted the attention of both local and overseas media on the “Champion Dragon Outfit” combining high-tech elements and fashionable design.

The 24 China national teams sponsored by ANTA Sports - including gymnastics, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo and water sports - also achieved outstanding results with ANTA’s professional competition gear during the Asian Games. China’s Gymnastics Team won its 11th consecutive women’s team gold medal, while team member Yao Jinnan won gold in the individual all-around, uneven bars and floor exercise events, making her the star of the China Gymnastics Team with a gold medal haul of four medals. Five-time Olympic gold medalist and the gymnastics team lead player Zou Kai won two gold medals in the men’s floor exercise and horizontal bar events. In addition, ANTA’s endorsed Chinese table tennis players Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen, who each won two gold medals. ANTA Sports tailor made the competition gear featuring advanced technologies and stylish design for each sponsored team within short period of time, delivering outfit for the gymnastics team with an emphasis on comfort, high elasticity and ventilation as well as uniquely designed muscle-supporting, weight-bearing shoes for the weightlifting team. The tailor-made outfit not only helped each team achieve outstanding performance at the Asian Games, but also demonstrated the elite athletes’ recognition to the professionism of the products.

The Asian Games also witnessed the high efficiency and differentiation of ANTA Sports in sports marketing. ANTA Sports entered into an agreement of strategic cooperation partnership with China Central Television (“CCTV”) in which all front-line and on-camera CCTV reporters wore ANTA outfit during the Asian Games. In addition, the frequent broadcasting of ANTA’s TVC and in-depth interviews with athletes on “Fengyunhui”, a special CCTV programme for the Asian Games, all helped to strengthen the association between ANTA and the Asian Games. In addition to an exclusive webpage on ANTA brand website ( that reported latest news of the Asian Games and Chinese athletes, ANTA Sports also launched a joint marketing campaign with Tencent, another strategic partner of the COC, for corresponding online promotions that included advertisements, product placement, and a micro movie featuring ANTA’s endorser and the lead player of China gymnastics team Zou Kai in the front-line studio and through social media, which helped to maximise the benefits of digital marketing.

Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports Mr. Ding Shizhong, said, “The CSD achieved outstanding performance at the Asian Games and topped both the gold and total medal tallies. As a national brand representing China’s sports essence, we are honoured to have provided the quality winning outfit for the Chinese elite athletes. Looking ahead, we will continue to work closely with the COC and the 24 China national teams from five sport management centres. We will provide the best quality sportswear and service for the top Chinese athletes and support them in their quest to achieve more recognition at international sporting events so as to contribute to showcasing the image of Chinese sports. Our strong sponsorship resources and brand strategy will further strengthen the association between ANTA and sports in China among consumers, and will reinforce our brand leadership in China's sportswear industry.”

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