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ANTA Basketball Endorsers Luis Scola and Rajon Rondo Tour China

Brand New Control-5WD Technology Basketball Shoes Unveiled

(Hong Kong, 14 August 2015) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that NBA star players and ANTA basketball endorsers Luis Scola and Rajon Rondo visited China in late July and early August, respectively, to engage in intimate contact and interact with basketball fans, to further promote the development of basketball and to help raise the skill levels of young basketball players in China. Their visits will be followed by a visit by star shooting guard and new NBA champion Klay Thompson, who will visit China on 18 August and is set to create mass fervour across the country.

Luis Scola, a power forward who recently signed a contract with the Toronto Raptors, kick-started the “ANTA-endorsed Star Players’ China Tour”, visiting Shenyang, Harbin and Beijing. He met fans at ANTA stores in Daqing, Harbin, while in Beijing, he met David Shoemaker, the CEO of NBA China, who came from Toronto, along with the staff of NBA China. He also paid an unexpected visit to two ANTA stores at Dazhaimen and Pingguoyuan in the Changping and Shijingshan Districts of Beijing, respectively, surprising the staff and fans there.

Furthermore, Luis Scola went to the ANTA store at Tiyuguan Road in the Dongcheng District of Beijing for a “Visiting My Store in China Tour” activity, signing autographs and taking photos with the store staff, with the staff presenting a Chinese calligraphy “福” (meaning “blessing”) as a gift to Luis Scola. Finally, he took part in the NBA Nation event in Beijing on two consecutive days, participating in various activities such as playing “Jump Shooting” game with basketball fans, entering a free throw contest against former Beijing Guo’an team players, viewing ANTA’s basketball products and experiencing “Kinect Photo” in the ANTA’s brand showcase area, in addition to signing autographs for fans and presenting gifts to lucky draw winners.

NBA All-star point guard Rajon Rondo visited China after Luis Scola’s China Tour, with the “Rajon Rondo China Tour 2015” officially launched at the Wuhan Optics Valley Stadium, where Rajon Rondo participated in the “Ball Control Training Camp” organised by ANTA. Rajon Rondo and other local and foreign coaches, including Lu Xiaoming, Li Ke, Zhang Boyu, Yin Yuchen, Sui Xiaolong, Zhao Anan and Chen Duan gathered in Wuhan to train and interact with young point guards in the “Ball Control Training Camp”. Rajon Rondo shared his point guard techniques with them, and helped them improve basic skills such as layups, mid-range shots, dribble move and defensive reaction, in addition to teaching them an essential point guard mindset and tactical analysis on the basketball court. Also, Rajon Rondo participated in a competition against young point guards, and his superior performance provided much inspiration to them. In addition to Wuhan, Rajon Rondo also visited ANTA stores in Taiyuan and Jinan, engaging in close interaction with his mainland fans, attending the NBA Nation event in Shanghai where he practiced passing skills with students, and being a coach for the “ANTA Skills Challenge” activity.

ANTA Sports and Rajon Rondo jointly announced the latest ANTA basketball technology - Control-5WD  technology. Control-5WD technology is the latest development of ANTA basketball technology, and will be applied to a variety of ANTA shoe soles. Control-5WD technology uses bionic fingerprints and applies to the entire sole in order to increase friction. In accordance with ergonomic design, the fore foot and back foot areas of shoe soles use different materials with different hardness for different parts of the shoes in order to provide better balance of pressure on the foot and a more comfortable fit; Control-5WD technology adopts a multi-link independent suspension system found in sports cars, which connects the fore foot and back foot and can enhance stability and increase speed. The basketball shoes featuring Control-5WD technology can satisfy basketball players, in particular point guards’  demand for change-of-direction agiliy, stability and protection and can help them better control on the tempo of the game of basketball.

Commenting on ANTA’s professional basketball gear, Luis Scola said, “Wearing professional basketball shoes makes me feel more comfortable and lets me focus on the game, and helps me win. In eight years of cooperation with ANTA, ANTA basketball gear has become more professional, and I am a huge fan of ANTA’s basketball products.” Rajon Rondo also said, “I believe in each product that ANTA has created for me, since ANTA makes the interest of players its top priority. I hope the basketball shoes featuring Control-5WD technology can help basketball lovers improve their performance on the basketball court.”

Mr James Zheng, Executive Director of ANTA Sports and ANTA Brand President, said, “Young point guards feel inspired after participating in the ‘Ball Control Training Camp’, facing off against NBA All-star point guard Rajon Rondo, and also enjoying training from Rajon Rondo himself. ANTA created basketball gear with Control-5WD technology as a vital tool for numerous basketball lovers. ANTA is committed to providing the best technology and an excellent product experience to sport enthusiasts in order to give everyone top basketball gear comparable to that used by NBA stars and to let them experience the joy of basketball.”

Photo 1: ANTA Sports and Rajon Rondo unveil ANTA’s latest technology – Control-5WD technology.

Photo 2: Rajon Rondo attends NBA Nation event and practices dribbling with students in Shanghai.

Photo 3: Luis Scola meets fans in Daqing, Harbin.

Photo 4: Luis Scola attends NBA NATION event and interacts with fans in Beijing.


About “Ball Control Training Camp”

“Ball Control Training Camp” is a platform cultivating and training point guards, and that was launched by ANTA, top NBA point guard Rajon Rondo, and professional coaches cooperating with famous training camps and experienced coaches. The aim of “Ball Control Training Camp” is to train young people who dream of becoming top point guards and to refine their skills. This year is the second year for “Ball Control Training Camp” to hold training sessions, selections and celebrity teaching in different locations across China. The lack of channels for enhancing the skills of point guards and stimulating new tactical ideas led to the birth of “Ball Control Training Camp”, which is a free-of-cost basketball training camp that strives to create point guards and to provide professional training to point guards who have a strong desire to improve their skills. The young point guards at the “Ball Control Training Camp” have the opportunity to learn from Rajon Rondo and to march towards to their goal of becoming a top point guard.

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