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ANTA “Sports-All for All” Charity Programs Held Across China Promoting Development of Running, Basketball, Soccer and Taekwondo Leveraging Sponsorship Resources

(Hong Kong, 8 December 2015) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that ANTA has held a series of “Sports-All for All” charity programs in different locations across China in recent months. The Company has donated sportswear, worked with champion athletes for “Charity Hour, Athletes at Service” in ANTA stores and has met children atschool. In addition, ANTA Sports leveraged its sponsorship resources to promote the participation in – and provide professional training for – various sports, including running, basketball, soccer and taekwondo in order to support charitable events and foster the development and popularisation of sports in China.
ANTA “Sports-All for All” charity programs held in Haikou, Maoming and Lhasa
The Company held “Sports-All for All” charity programs in November 2015 in Haikou, Hainan and Maoming, Guangdong. On 29 and 30 November, ANTA visited Haikou, Hainan with athlete celebrities such as Li Na, Olympic diving champion, Li Na, Olympic fencing champion, Cheng Shuang, Olympic skiing champion, Liu Qiuhong, Olympic short skating champion, Sui Lu, world gymnastics champion, Li Ke, former China basketball national team player and current basketball commentator on CCTV. The athlete celebrities presented the “Charity Hour, Athletes at Service” program in the ANTA store in Haikou, explaining the functions and features of ANTA sportswear and safe exercise precautions. More than RMB92,000 of sales was recorded during the program and will be donated to schools in Haikou to bring the joy of sports to children. The athletes also visited the Lingshan County Central Primary School in Haikou where they shared their Olympic experiences and encouraged the children to fight for their dreams. They concluded their visit with a soccer game with the students. Furthermore, ANTA Sports donated sportswear worth RMB2 million to the Haikou Municipal Government.

On 15 and 16 November, the Company visited Maoming in Guangdongalong with athletes including Li Na, Olympic diving champion, Luo Wei, Olympic taekwondo champion, Cheng Shuang, Olympic skiing champion, Liu Qiuhong, Olympic short skating champion, Zhang Doudou, renowned artistic gymnast, and Huo Nan, former China basketball national team player and current basketball commentator on CCTV. During this visit, the Company donated sportswear worth RMB2 million to the Maoming Municipal Government. They became “athlete salespersons” in the “Charity Hour, Athletes at Service” program in ANTA store in Maoming to provide passionate and professional sales service to consumers. Over RMB27,000 in sales revenue was raised during the “Charity Hour, Athletes at Service” program. This amount will be donated to schools in Maoming in the form of sportswearto bring joy of sports to the children. The athletes also visited Maoming Eleventh Secondary School for the “Soccer on Campus” program where they interacted with the students. They demonstrated the charmof sports and the Olympic spirit by sharing their personalexperiences as athletes. The visitincluded a soccer coaching session by Liu Chao, former Beijing Guoan Football Club player, and Kou Shen, former Qingdao Hainu Football Club player, who became coaches and provided professional skill advice to students. While the non-soccer athletes, Li Na, Luo Wei, Cheng Shuang and Huo Nan formed two teams and played a friendly soccer matchwith students.

Earlier in the year, ANTA Sports, along with the Samaranch Foundation and Tibet 5100 Water Resources Holdings Ltd. jointly held the “Founding of Tibet 5100 Education Foundation cum ANTA ‘Sports-All for All’ Charity in Tibet” activity. During the activity, Cheng Shuang and Zhang Dan, Winter Olympic champions, and other renowned athletes visited Wanquan Secondary and Primary School in Dangxiong Country in Lhasa, Tibet and interacted with the students. The Company donated sportswear worth RMB3 million to the schools. In order to make the Teacher’s Day a unique one to all teachers and students, the “Sports-All for All” activity featured a “Physical education lesson by Olympic champions”. Champions such as Cheng Shuang, Zhang Dan became guest physical education teachers for the students. The athletes shared their Olympic stories and encouraged the studentsto pursue their dreams. They did interesting exercises, taught exercise skills, introduced exercise precautions and played matches with students. The program contributed to sportseducation development in Tibet by allowing local students to experience and understand the Olympic spirit and the joy of playing sports.

Moreover, ANTA Sports worked together with the Marketing Department of Chinese Olympic Committee to hold “Olympic Athletes Charity in Action—Inheriting the Spirit of the Chinese Women’s Volleyball cum ANTA ‘Sports-All for All’ Charity Program” in Sanmai Stadium in Yichang, Hubei. Teachers and students from Hubei Gezhouba Secondary School, Dangyang First Secondary School and Yichang Sixth Secondary School met Chinese volleyball legends and Chinese women’s volleyball champions 30 years ago including Shen Sanying, Chen Yaqiong, Liang Yan andLi Yanjun, and Athens Olympic volleyball champions, Feng Kun and Song Nina attended the activity, in which the volleyball athletes interacted with the students and taught them a volleyball lesson. The Company also donated sportswear worth RMB15 million and RMB2 million to National Federation for Sports Schools and Hubei Administration of Sport. This visit aimed to let students understand the essence of Olympics and experience the “fear nothing, spare no effort” spirit of the Chinese women’s volleyball team, as well as to inspire students to engage in sports and to gain the courage to follow their dreams through the charitable donation and face to face interaction with Olympic champions.

ANTA Sponsored 2015 Chengde International Half Marathon

“Go Green” was one of the themes for 2015 Chengde International Half Marathon which was launched on 18 October. Being an outfit sponsor for the event, ANTA Sports served the runners by providing the tailor-made personalised official competition outfit. ANTA Sports aimed to integrate green and healthy running exercise into people’sdaily lives. It wants to promote the runner’s spirit and the values of running, as well as the positive changes it brings to each customer through its support to running events. ANTA running endorser, Chen Penbin also joined the Chengde International Half Marathon with ANTA’s “Challenge 100” professional running shoes. “Challenge 100” offers outstanding performance in shock-absorption, stability and breathability asit wraps around the foot perfectly with great overall comfort. It has been highly praised by Chen Penbin and other professional runners since its launch. ANTA Sports will continue to invest in R&D and introduce better quality running gear to equip every running lover with professional running shoes, featuring premium technologies for better energy release when running, just like Chen Penbin.

ANTA, NBA and Chinese Basketball Association Jointly Enter the Campus
In October 2014, ANTA entered into an alliance with the NBA. As a result during the ANTA University Basketball Association (AUBA) 2015 season, ANTA leveraged NBA resources and invited NBA legendary players and coaches to visit universities to teach basketball skills and share their basketball stories and interact with basketball fans on AUBA courts. “Masked Marvel” Richard Hamilton, Coach Bill Peterson, Tyrone Curtis “Muggsy” Bogues and Coach Richard Smith participated in the Spring League while Horace Grant and Coach Bob MacKinnon attended the first half of Autumn League. On 18 November, former NBA players Cedric Z. Ceballos and Daniel Gregg then took over the series to joined the “ANTA 2015 Fall NBA on Campus” event in Yunnan University. They provided fundamental and specific basketball training, demonstrated defensive skills to trainees and played a match with AUBA players. On 26 November, they joined the last station of “NBA on Campus” campaign in Chongqing Medical University, where they gave NBA lectures and training courses to the students, each of them even led a team for a friendly match and three-point contest.

On 19 October, ANTA, Chinese Basketball Association and Ordos Municipal People's Government jointly organised the “‘Basketball for Hope’ ANTA • Chinese Basketball Association Charity Basketball in Ordos” event in Ordos, Inner Mongolia. As a partner of the Women’s Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA), ANTA has been strongly supporting the development of basketball in China. Now ANTA and the Chinese Basketball Association work together in the northwest China to encourage local young people to participate and arouse their interest in basketball through charity donations and renowned basketball players’ skill instruction for youth players on campus, thereby bringing the joy of basketball to local children as well as making contributions to the basketball development in northwest China. Through this event, the Company donated basketball sportswear worth RMB2 million to the Ordos Municipal Governmentto support the development of basketball in the region. Several famous basketball players, namely Li Yulin, Li Ke, Huo Nan, Xu Nuo, Liu Mingyu and Pan Li, coached teenage players to correct their wrong movements. They shared tips and precautions for dribbling, interception and jump shot, and demonstrated how to improve shooting accuracy. They concluded their visit with an exhibition basketball match with the students.

ANTA co-held Taekwondo friendlies with Champion Fund and Olympic medalist, Wu Jingyu
On 14 November, ANTA Sports and Champion Fund joined hands with Olympic medalist, Wu Jingyu to initiate the first “Migrant Workers’ Children Taekwondo Friendlies” at the taekwondo gym of the Chinese Taekwondo Team Demonstration Group. With the aim of creating a platform to promote communication and physical development for youngsters from different communities, nearly 100 teenagers from ten schools for migrant workers’ children and taekwondo gyms participated in the friendlies. Taekwondo Olympic medalist, Wu Jingyu, who was preparing for Rio de Janeiro Olympics, greeted the children in a video, while Chen Zhong, gold medalist in taekwondo in 2000 Sydney and 2004 Athens Olympics, coached the teenage players in person. 

Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports, commented, “As a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, ANTA is always highly devoted to sports charity. ANTA, Chinese Olympic Committee, the Samaranch Foundation and Champion Fund formed the ‘Olympic Charity Collaboration Alliance’ (the ‘Alliance’) in 2013, aiming to maximise the value of sports charity through the ‘Government + Corporate + NGO’ cross-sector partnership. In April 2013, the Alliance launched and implemented its first charity project – ‘Sport-All for All’. With the successful development of such project, the amount of sportswear donations is expected to exceed RMB100 million at the end of 2015, and hundreds of schools over 31 provinces and autonomous regions will benefit from this project.”
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