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ANTA Sports Reruns “2016 Challenge 100” Event with Chen Penbin

Upgraded ANTA “Challenge 100” Functional Running Shoes in Spotlight

(Hong Kong, 15 March 2016) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”, stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that the “2016 Challenge 100” event has been officially launched. As the supporter of running in the community, ANTA Sports is not only encouraging more running enthusiasts to participate in the brand new “Challenge 100” event with renowned Chinese ultra-marathon runner, Chen Penbin, but is also bringing its upgraded ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe to the vast running enthusiasts.

In last year, ANTA Sports supported Chen Penbin for the completion of 4,219.5 km running in 100 days by its ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoes, which motivated a lot of people to participate in running. Some ordinary runners became running elites; some completed their first marathon; and some people who used to refuse running initially, ended up gaining the benefits on both body and mind from long-distance running. ANTA Sports also ran a series of promotional campaigns for experiencing Chen Penbin’s ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe, making the shoe well received and recognised both by runners and consumers.

Following the undertaking made last year, the ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe will continue to support Chen Penbin’s new journey across five cities namely Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Chongqing where he will complete the 100 km challenge per station. Meanwhile, around 20,000 runners will be recruited in over 1,000 running teams to complete the 100 km relay per station. It is worth mentioning that the champion team of relay races from those five cities will depart for Brazil in August together with Chen Penbin, and will complete the final station of the “Challenge 100” event in Rio de Janeiro, the host city of the 2016 Olympics.

Furthermore, the ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe has been upgraded by applying the one-piece design to the vamp, which offers ultimate comfort to runners in ultra-long distance running. Meanwhile, South-American style Rio camouflage colour is featured in the brand new design of “Challenge 100” to echo the running event in Rio de Janeiro. The upgraded ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe is coming to the market soon so that runners will be able to experience it this spring.

Mr. Major Zhu, Senior Director of ANTA Sports Brand Center, said, “The original concept of ANTA Sports’ ‘RUN WITH ME’ is to encourage more people to participate in running. ANTA Sports believes that everyone is equal in running. Just run and you will be a runner once you crossed the starting line. This year, ANTA Sports would like to motivate runners to continue to challenge themselves, making running a regular habit, improving fitness and running performance constantly through the ‘Challenge 100’ event and let everyone to be a runner. The 100-km long-distance running challenge with Chen Penbin in Rio de Janeiro offers Chinese general runners the chance to experience the Olympic spirit and athletic spirit at close proximity. This is another purpose of promoting running through ‘Challenge 100’ event on this year.”

Photo 1: Chen Penbin receives the brand new ANTA “Challenge 100” functional running shoe

Photo 2: Chen Penbin reruns the journey of “2016 Challenge 100” in full support of the Rio Olympics with Chinese runners