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ANTA Sports Unveils “Go Surprise Yourself”-themed Campaign for Rio Olympics

Showcasing Specially-designed CompetitionGear for Chinese National Teams

(Hong Kong, 22 April 2016) ANTA Sports Products Limited (“ANTA Sports” or the “Company”,stock code: 2020) is pleased to announce at the 34th China Sport Show (“Sport Show”) today, the marketing campaign of “Go Surprise Yourself” for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games(“Rio Olympics”) and the competition gear specially-designed for 10 Chinese national teams including gymnastics, trampoline, weightlifting, wrestling, judo, boxing, taekwondo, rowing, canoeing and kayaking, and water polo.

Rio Olympics is the second Olympic Games the Company joins hands with the Chinese Olympic Committee (“COC”) to tailor-made winning outfitsfor the Chinese Sports Delegation (“CSD”) since 2009. This is also the year to have the highest number of Chinese national teams wearing professional competition gear tailor-made by ANTA. In conjunction with this, ANTA unveils its “Go Surprise Yourself”Rio Olmypics marketing campaign, encouraging athletes to cease the monopoly of their opponents, keep breaking world records and create their own legends. Through its“Go Surprise Yourself”campaign, ANTA hopes to promote the Olympic motto of “Faster, Higher, Stronger”; and to encourage every participant to challenge themselves, actively pursue and create their own legends through their experiences and stories.

The Olympic Games isnot merely a competition of physical strength, psychological endurance and intelligence among individual athletes.It is also a comprehensive contest between countries on their economic and technological strength. Hence, the Company constantly strives for legitimate and technological advancement to protect and enhance athletes’ body and performance within the scope of permitted, thus achieving a number of breakthroughs in the technology and design on the ANTA’s sports gear showcased for Rio Olympics:

(1)Fabric: The most advanced fabric is selected, including a special fibre with high elasticity, which promotes venous return of the limbs, reduces the stagnation of blood, carries metabolic waste away, boosts energy supply and reduces recovery time. The light-weighted, strong-elastic and water-permeable polyester-lycra fabricpromotes heat dissipation and reduces the burden on the athletes; while the smooth-surfaced, shiny, anti-pilling polyester fibre of the competition gearfor the water sports athletes reduces hydraulic resistance and overcomes water resistance created by opponents,resulting swimming speed improvement. These fabrics and technologies enhance wearers’athletic performance in different games and eventually increase their chances of achieving better results.

(2)Cutting: Advanced fabric is the basis of sports gear while the cutting technique required for different sports with different features is critical in enhancing athletes’ performance. The ANTAcompetitiongear showcased forRio Olympics has a 3-dimensional design in its special body parts, whichensures its comfort, increases its body fit and reduces the chances of muscle injury when an athlete is in squat position. The four-pin six-lane sewing technology with elastic lines applied throughout the entire fabric splicing processenables better elasticity and tear resistance level, without affecting the sporty appearance of the outfit. These technologies are especially helpful to athletes in weightlifting and wrestling games where body strength and body mobility are equally important. 

(3)Sports biomechanics: ANTA designers always strive for the best of the best. They have designed a elastic strapping tape to be applied on the sports gear, based on the scientific principles of sports biomechanics. Thesestrappingtapes with different patterns applied on the sports gear allow forbetter local muscle force, more precisely like a “external force tape” stuck on the muscles of the athlete, to some extent enhance the strength of partial muscle force.  

(4)Technological shoes specially designed for boxing and weightlifting: Being highly mobile, stable, light-weighted with great grip and encapsulation are the fundamental and highest requirements of a pair of boxing shoes. ANTA has specifically designed the“Power Master” boxing shoes for the Chinese Boxing team at the Rio Olympics. These striking shoes with an aggressive appearance aredesigned based on the long-term experience accumulated from making personalised boxing shoes for the China’s first-ever Olympic boxing campion, Zou Shiming. Among all Olympic games, weightlifting shoes are one of the sports gearswith the strictest standard required. In order to ensure the fairness of the competitions, the International Weightlifting Federation(IWF) has made specific and clear requirements to the weightlifting shoes. Therefore, when ANTA launched “Strength against Thousands” weightlifting shoesfor the national weightlifting team, the Company applied the TALOON claw-like clasp system on the forefoot and A-FORM cushioning technology on the heel and the arch of the shoes. The two leading, world class technologies will surely provide strong support to the national weightlifting team in their Rio Olympics.

(5)Design: Adhering to the essence of the Chinese classic beauty, the Chinese glam will make a presence in Rio. “Blossom of Fortune” is the theme of the Chinese Gymnastics gear, allowing the Chinese Gymnasts to bloom greater than ever. “Blue and White Porcelain”-themed competition outfit for the women’s trampoline teamaims to promote the restrained yet luxurious beauty of the East; while the weightlifting outfit “Flying Dragon” represents the fearless sports spirit with passion, speed, tenacity and striving quality, showing the stronger and greater power of China. 

Earlier in the 18th International Footwear (Sports Industry) Fair in China (Jinjiang), the Company presented the “Lion FG” soccerboot that has Zheng Zhi, the captain of the Chinese national football team, as spokesperson. ANTA strives to create the best suitable football products with a good value-for-money for the Chinese people, so that all soccer lovers can afford professional soccerboots. “Lion FG” does not only protect Zheng Zhi in his competitions with its strong and professional features, it also offers all soccerlovers the professional experience like a soccerchampion.   

“Lion FG” positions itself as a pair of controlled-oriented, high-end, and professional football shoes. It provides excellent control to the football in all perspectives, whether on its vamp and its sole or its craftsmanship and material. The ANTA-exclusive SFT vamp grip technology is applied on the vamp of “Lion FG”. The integration of the quilted pattern and the friction particles enhances the friction of the vamp, hence, increases its control over the football. Besides, the GCS control system developed by ANTA is used on the sole, which brings together individual studs as a whole, increasing the efficiency in transferring and enhances soccer players’ control over the shoes. More importantly, A-SSPIKE ultra spike technology, the latest development of ANTA, is applied to the sole. The design of having rounded studs on the inner side and squared studs on the outer side of the sole allows for coexistence of strengthened grip and flexibility: The squared studs on the outside increase the contact area with the ground and enhance the ability to grip; while the rounded studs on the inner sole provide flexibility to the varying needs for changing directions. 

Mr. Ding Shizhong, Chairman and CEO of ANTA Sports said, “As the partner of the COC and the leading sportswear brand in China, ANTA has presented at the Sport Show this year with a number of cutting edge technology on the sports gear for the Olympic Games. Whether in providing comfort, enhancing sports performance or product design, ANTA has impressed everyone in all aspects. We produce competition gear for the Chinese national teams with “Craftsmanship Spirit”, showing our support to the Chinese athletes with contributions, for them to break more records, physical limit, and ultimately creating more outstanding results for China.

Meanwhile, technological innovation has become the powerful driving force in our continuous growth. With the huge domestic sports industry worthing approximately seven trillion in the next decade, we will seize the opportunities provided by the structural reform on the supply side and give full play to our brand’s value and innovation capability. We always adhere to the craftsmanship spirit of “producing every product concientiously” to fullfill the all-round demand of sport gears from professional athletes to general consumers.”

Photo 1: ANTAannounced the marketing campaign for the 2016 Rio Olympics - “Go Surprise Yourself” at the Sport Show

Photo 2: ANTA’s competition gear featured the cutting edge technology and design for the Chinese national teams

Photo 3: “Lion FG”, ANTA’s well-built soccer boot for Zheng Zhi, the captain of the Chinese national football team

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