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ANTA Maintains Top Position in Market Share in China's Travel and Sports Shoes for 13th Consecutive year

Exemplifies Spirit of "Keep the Champion's Spirit Alive" and Upholds Commitment to Promoting the Development of Sports in China

(Hong Kong, 16 April 2014) ANTA Sports Products Limited ("ANTA Sports" or the "Company", stock code: 2020), a leading branded sportswear enterprise in China, is pleased to announce that ANTA's footwear products manufactured and sold by the Company ranked first in terms of market share in China's Travel and Sports Shoes for the 13th consecutive year. ANTA Sports' top ranking was announced at the "2013 (The 22nd) China Retail Consumption Statistical Analysis" press conference held by the China General Chamber of Commerce and the China National Commercial Information Centre, which illustrates ANTA's strong brand equity and products quality have won prominent recognition by consumers in China, well ahead of its peers within the industry. 
The "China Retail Consumption Statistical Analysis" has been conducted in the past 14 years to record the development of China consumer market, making it a bellwether of trends in China's consumer sector. It is seen as a highly credible and authoritative ranking in China. The statistical analysis is a comprehensive market survey on thousands of major retail enterprises nationwide. By measuring their market share and business coverage, the survey provides a clear picture of the consumer industry. ANTA Sports has always been committed to improving products' technologies and functions, and has introduced more than 2,000 new styles of footwear products last year, including the comfortable and highly permeable third-generation A-Silo running shoes, the good value-for-money NBA star designated KG IV and RR1 basketball shoes, etc., meeting the demand of professional athletes as well as leisure wearers. As such, ANTA's footwear products continue to maintain their leadership and competitive advantage in the domestic market.
Mr. James Zheng, Executive Director of ANTA Sports and Brand President of ANTA, said, "It's a great honour for us to win this accolade for the 13th consecutive year. We will continue to provide more styles of sports shoes for adults, adolescents and kids, combining advanced technologies, including A-Jelly and A-Silo, to promote consumers' athletic performance and to meet their various needs."
ANTA Sports not only focuses on the enhancement of its brand and product differentiation, but also fulfils its corporate social responsibility. The Company has long been public-minded and spares no effort to promoting sports development and popularisation in China. In March 2014, the Company partnered with the Winter Sports Management Centre of the State General Administration of Sport ("SGAS"), the Sports Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, the Sports Bureau and the Education Bureau of Qitaihe City, launching a new round of the "Sport-all for all" charity project. Zhang Xianjun, Secretary of the Qitaihe Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and Director of the Qitaihe Municipal People's Congress; Liu Hao, leader of the National Short-track Speed Skating Team; Wang Meng, Li Jianrou, Zhou Yang, Liu Qiuhong, Fan Kexin, Zhang Hui, Sun Linlin and Liang Wenhao, well-known short-track speed skaters; travelled to Qitaihe City in Helongjiang Province. Qitaihe City is known as "the hometown of speed skating" and has fostered a number of Olympic champions. They shared their Olympic experiences with team members of teenager amateur sports school of short-track speed skating and local students in Qitaihe City, providing technical guidance, thereby promoting the Olympic spirit and ANTA's brand concept of "Keep Moving".
In addition, ANTA Sports donated RMB0.3 million in ANTA sportswear to the Sports Bureau of Qitaihe City, to promote the development of short-track speed skating in China through concrete actions. Mr. Zhang Tao, Vice President of ANTA Sports, said, "As the strategic partner of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the Winter Sports Management Centre of SGAS, we have always promoted the development of winter sports and provided sports delegations with professional and high-tech sportswear as well as equipment. We came to the mecca of Chinese speed skating not only to set a good example for young athletes, but also bearing gifts of ANTA professional sportswear in the hope that they can eventually bring honour to our country wearing ANTA sportswear at major competitive events in the future."

Photo 1:Olympic champions shared their Olympic experience with team members of teenaged short-track speed skating athletes at the local amateur sports school and local students, spreading the Olympic spirit in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang.

Photo 2:Mr. Zhang Tao, Vice President of ANTA Sports, donated RMB0.3 million worth of ANTA sportswear to the Sports Bureau of Qitaihe City on behalf of the Company.
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About ANTA Sports Products Limited 
As one of the leading branded sportswear enterprises in China, ANTA Sports Products Limited primarily designs, develops, manufactures and markets sportswear, including sports footwear, apparel and accessories. The Group has an established extensive distribution network with a leading presence in second and third tier cities in China under the management of regional distributors. The Group places great emphasis on branding by integrating sports resources and sponsorship, advertising and promotional activities and consistent store image to enhance brand and product differentiation. For the past 13 years, its footwear has been enjoying a leading position in China’s composed index on market share.
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