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Riding on our strong sports resources and quality sportswear products, ANTA Sports has been enjoying leading brand desirability and recognition in China. The Group strategically focuses on sponsoring elite athletes, popular sports leagues and influential sports associations. These sponsorships strengthen our professional image in the performance-based sportswear market and enhance our brand and product differentiation.
Sports Sponsorship
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ANTA became the title sponsor for "ANTA National Volleyball League", "ANTA National Volleyball Grand Prize Cup" and "ANTA National Volleyball Championship Cup".

ANTA sponsored "2007 2+1 Extraordinary Three Persons of Robust Basketball Match" and the "21st Dalian International Marathon of All Nippon Airways Cup".

In January 2006, ANTA renewed its contract with CBA for another seven years ending 2012 to further its link with CBA.

In May, ANTA became the sole designated partner of sports equipment of 2005-2008 Chinese Table Tennis Club Super League.

ANTA invested almost RMB 10 million in sponsoring prize-claiming equipment of 10th National Games Delegations from eight provinces & municipalities, that is, Heinan, Hunan, Hainan, Yunnan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi, Guizhou and Chongqing.

In October, ANTA invested RMB 60 million in sponsoring China Professional Basketball League for three consecutive years as the sole designated partner of sports equipment of CBA professional league, breaking the monopoly of international brands in top-class domestic games.

Sponsored a complete kit of sports equipment of three CBA seed teams, that is, Zhejiang Wanma, Shanxi Dongsheng and Liaoning Panpan.

Also sponsored a complete kit of sports equipment of 2004-2006 National Men's & Women's Volleyball Leagues along with competition equipment of China Young Men's & Women's Volleyball Teams and China Boys & Girls Volleyball Teams. ANTA became the first brand to sponsor an overseas professional basketball team - Lithuanian Proteus Team.

ANTA became the first brand to sponsor an overseas professional basketball team - Lithuanian Proteus Team.

In June, ANTA made a step further in CBA by signing a sponsorship agreement with Fujian Xunxing Basketball Club to support a complete kit of sports equipment in China Basketball Class-A League.

In July, ANTA announced to fully sponsor competition equipment of National Men's & Women's Volleyball Leagues as an important partner of the leagues.

ANTA signed contract with China University Basketball Association (CUBA) to form a strategic partnership, in which, ANTA was committed to sponsoring a complete kit of sports equipment for CUBA for three successive years.

Actively involved in Olympic bid activities by sponsoring in succession prize-claiming equipment of sports delegations from Fujian, Chongqing, Heilongjiang and Hainan. Also participated in World University Games.

ANTA appeared in international games for the first time as sponsor of the Sydney Olympics.

ANTA launched "ANTA CX China Extreme Sports Competition" in its name, creating the nation's earliest extreme sports competition.

Sponsored 4th National City Games, World University Games, Beijing International Marathon and 13th Asian Games among others.

Starting from sponsoring games such as 67th World Men's & Women's Weightlifting Championships, ANTA has set its unique road of sports marketing. It is from then on that ANTA has fixed its brand spirit - modern sportsmanship.

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